I was on my way to the bedroom, and stopped to say so to Janet who was watching her favourite soap on the TV. The Young and the Restless. You can all call and make fun of her later. Victor, who must now be close to 195 years old, was lying in a hospital bed with tubes all over the place. Janet tells me he had just been shot three times and was in critical condition. Victor then starts talking to whoever was in the room with him. Faker!

The voice appears to be the first thing to go when you are not feeling totally well, like, for instance, just a mere guess, after an eight hour operation. My firts days in hospital were spent pointing at things. Not too many things, mind. The glass of ice, or water was about all that mattered. But about all I could do was point and emit some feeble grunt.

The voice is an amazing barometer to how well I am doing. It has been getting stronger daily. And yet fails me instantly when I am not feeling well. We can tell how well I am doing when I wake up in the morning. Janet asks, and I mean she does this every morning, How are you? And I always answer Fine, since I have not had a chance to really know yet. My voice is the tell tale. She can tell instantly whether I am right or not.

So Victor, shot three times, in critical condition, lying in a hospital bed perfectly coiffed, rosy cheeks and talking in a normal voice huh?

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  1. Hey there – just read this whole blog – you know what? It IS your voice and it’s strong and vibrant, just like your spirit. (Maybe it IS your spirit…)

    The great thing about this (and you are the first blogger I’ve actually wanted to read) is that you can express yourself more fully here, as you feel inclined whenever you want. OK, that is the point of a blog, but it seems particularly apropo in your situation.

    A big hug, as always, talk to you soon, love Di

  2. Hello,
    Amazing! Not clear for me, how offen you updating your http://www.youritgroup.ca.

  3. Never thought about it really, but that is really insightful! See now on top of everything else you have Yoda’s wisdom.

  4. When Janet answered the phone, I said in my best Victor Newman voice, “HELLO JANET, THIS IS VICTOR NEWMAN”.

    Little did I know that Janet actually KNOWS Victor Newman.

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    Thank you for the great quality of your blog, every time i come here, i’m amazed.

    black hattitude.

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