The most oft asked question. Whether in person, or eMail, or whatever. I cannot make a move in the house without the question being asked. I don’t even have to move off the couch. Just lie there and change my position, or close my eyes, and the question is popped.

I get off the couch to go upstairs, Are you OK?

I change positions on the couch, Are you OK?

I moan, groan, or sigh, Are you OK?

Janet comes back from shopping, Are you OK?

It is a question that has to be asked. I cannot imagine Janet not asking it. She has to know if everything is OK. That is part of the new normal. I ask Janet the same question from time to time. The answer is that she is fine as long as I am. But I am fine as long as she is. She is my strength and joy. She is the only one who can pull me out of a funk state of mind. Talk me down off the edge as it were. No, I am not suicidal or depressed, just an expression.

She does do better when I am doing better. A positive answer to Are you OK? results in a smile from her which in turn helps cheer me up.

What kind of life is this where Janet feels compelled to ask that question all the time?

7 Responses to “Are you OK?”

  1. It may amuse you to know that I’ve been trying to call Nancy to ask the same question, “are you OK” – actually referring to you, not to her. I suppose that the question might be multi-purpose and have several levels of meaning. The question goes out around you and Janet like ripples in a pond. All of us concerned, “are you OK?”

    • The answer depends on all sorts of variables. The start of chemo this week makes it tough to answer with a resounding YES! But in general, the answer is yes. The body is recovering nicely and the mind is attempting to keep up.

  2. Farokh Joone Azizam,
    You are amazing. Sharing every feeling, giving an essence of humour to the suffering and also discovering the joy of doing a little bit of all the things we do in our everyday life and take it for granted. The force of life in you is outstanding. You will succeed. No doubt about it.
    Love and big big hugs

  3. Well that was fun! This is my first time reading and responding to a blog! I echo what everyone is saying in that you are an amazingly beautiful soul, responding to this major challenge in your life with such optimisim, candour and humor. One never wants to aks the questions you are so generously sharing. So, thank you.
    Love to you, Janet and Devon.

  4. Hi Farokh – are you okay?

  5. The question is are you okay Farokh, are you okay Janet, are you okay Devon.
    And with time you will all be okay. Now you are all being so strong and from where I’m sitting, you all look okay, cause you are all sticking to each other, loving each other, after all what is life for if not so much love:)

  6. Are you okay? The Love story between Farokh and Janet.

    Your blog has a thread of you love story through the whole thing.

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