Now what? We are in a bit of a stupor. We start calling everyone to let them know what is going on. We do not want any surprises. It is not easy. A number of people are in shock and have trouble with what they are hearing. Everyone is very supportive. I talk with Fo’ad. Not much to say since it is all conjecture and no one is sure of anything. We have lunch with Morris. Dev and Ariela join us. I think it is important for Morris to see me. He is very disturbed by all this. Lunch is good and light. Then everyone goes their way and we make our way home.

We keep talking about the new normal. Life will never be the same, and that has to be accepted. But a new normal has to be achieved. We have to stay positive. I drive. Often Janet drives now. I am too tired and need to rest or cannot be trusted to drive.

The day is a blur. We read, talk. I drink water, lots of water. Have to cut down on tea and increase my water intake. Bummer. We rest, answer phone calls and messages. This part is getting tiring. Lucky Janet is bearing the brunt of it. I talk with a couple of people just so they can hear my voice and see that I am basically healthy.

We get a phone call from Heather Fraser inviting us to the farm over the weekend. How prophetic is that. They are well connected to the world of medicine. We never thought of calling them, and here they are calling us. We make plans to go to the farm the next day.

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