Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my operation. I am not sure if anniversary is the right word. I guess it would from the point of view that I am around to make this entry. On the other hand, I am not sure one celebrates an operation, specially an eight hour job.

I had lunch with my father in law the other day. I always enjoy his company (he may be reading this). We talked about the operation. I remember waking up and wondering when they were going to start. We are finished they said. I lost eight hours with those words. I have no words for what it feels like to lose eight hours out of your life. Almost a full day.

No recollections, no memories, nothing. Eight hours just went by and you have no idea what happened. You are alive, so it could not have been that bad. The lack of recollection is hard to forget or get over. My pa-in-law remarked that it is probably as close as we can get to death and come back to this life. Strange thought that. If that is what death is like, then I will have no recollection of that either. Except it may last a bit longer than eight hours.

I am seeing my oncologist this coming week, and my surgeon the week after. I might suggest we have champagne to celebrate. If only I drank. A number of my friends wanted to know if I was about to change my ways and start drinking.

On a separate note, I got a phone call from a telemarketer from the U.S.. She wanted to know if I wanted to move by business bank account to the TD Bank. I told her I was out of business. She went on to explain the benefits of making the move. I told her the company was closed. She went on again with her script. Again, I said, the company is closed. Oh, you are out of business? I told her that was a bit harsh and I still prefer to say that y company is closed. They can still provide me with some services, for instances coming up with a new business plan.

There was little point in continuing. She was very nice on the phone. Had a good way about her. I did not want to be rude and just hang up. I told her that I was not interested because I have cancer. She did not miss beat. Calcium is good for fighting cancer, she has read. A telemarketer is giving me cancer advice. Wonderful world is it not?

She mentioned that calcium creates an alkaline environment which is not favorable to cancer cells. She also suggested that I deprive the cancers cells of oxygen. I explained that while it was true that an alkaline environment is not favorable, I am not sure how much calcium you have to take for it be effective. It is highly probable that the amounts you have to take would damage your system. That is possible of course, but she had just read an article on calcium healing cancer. She was a nice lady.

I think every day of my friend who is about to go into palliative care. Her cancer has run its course, I accompanied her for her appointment with the department the other day. Strange to be there. I am glad I went.

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  1. Hello Farokh,
    Is "Happy Anniversary" in order? I guess this is one time it is not. But a year later you and I are here on this earth, creating havoc, lol. Please laugh, or at least chuckle.

    It's a dull day today but the sun will come out again. Thank goodness we live here in Ont. and not in B.C.

    I got some good news via my hotmail. The cancer camp I am going to this month (thru Wellspring,) has reinstated the waterfront activities for us members. They got a huge donation and were able to afford the insurance and a life guard. I am thrilled Farokh, bec. I love swimming and I'll even try a bit of canoeing again, (if my arthritis doesn't act up too much.)

    How is your kitchen coming along? I need to hear some good updates.
    Keep smilin'.

    • You know me, a laugh is all I can muster…

      Kitchen reno is on hold but not out of thought processes. I will try and render something and show you.

      Have fun at the camp. You have far more energy than you let on.

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