That Neulasta sure does an amazing job with the white blood cells.

I had lots of energy all week, though it appeared to wane by mid afternoon. Took a lot of naps that appeared to help. Still end up in bed by around 9 every night. Strange new life.

Janet and I went out to buy a vacuum cleaner and came home with a 46″ Sony Bravia TV. What to do? It was on sale and hard to resist. Also upgraded our TV to HD to take advantage of the new TV. Nothing lie watching Dr Phil in HD. I jest. Never watch that pompous freak. Just an opinion. Don’t sue me. The picture quality is absolutely amazing. In spite of its size, it appears to take less room than the old CRT TV we have been watching for a few years.  I was surprised, though, that the quality of the stuff on the TV has not improved. Still the same old boring stuff. Life’s small toys.

And, yes, we did buy a vacuum. A Dyson. Hard to know what the right decision is. Miele, Bosch, Dyson, Hoover? One store wanted to sell me a Seba. Made in West Germany. Hospital grade filters. Live for a lifetime. $800. We had trouble enough adjusting to the $600 price tag of everyone else, let alone make the jump to $800.

Finally went to the movies. Our traditional Christmas day outing. Sherlock Holmes. Had a great time. Not the best movie in the world. What a load of fun though. All tied up neatly at the end in preparation for the sequel(s). If I understand this right, Robert Downey Jr is guaranteeing his future by making movies that end up in sequels. Iron Man, and now this. Clever lad.

Went to see the Dentist, who called my oncologist who basically said do not touch that guy. We are delaying the January chemo by a week to allow me to see the Dental Surgeon, with fewer risks. The surgeon was quite nice. Friendly, with one of those smiles that is well practiced, but not genuine. His nurse was very sympathetic to my plight and could not understand why I was quite cheerful. I told her about the amazing support network I am surrounded by, and what a great oncologist I have. The Dental Surgeons attitude changed considerably once he spoke with Dr. Hedley. Interesting how we need validation for some things. Anyways, I have to see the surgeon sometime betweem the 14th and 18th of January.

Dr Hedley’s nurse, Shahnaz called to make sure I am OK. How sweet is that?

Diana and kids came over on Christmas Eve. Diana even brought the meal. What fun. A very pleasant evening indeed.

Still have my head of hair. Thinner. Who can really tell though???

6 Responses to “The week that was – ended December 26, 2009”

  1. My flatmate has a Dyson…and at work we have 'air-blade' hand-dryers. Which really are the fastest that I've ever come across, and possibly the loudest! Are they really that expensive?! Maybe you could get the Seba and rent it out…

    And I'd be happy if we got sequels to Sherlock Holmes! (Even though I haven't even yet seen the first one, but I'm sure it's going to be a riot!)

    It was lovely to see you the other day, and even lovelier to find myself laughing with you with your indomitable humour. Will see you soon, I hope.

  2. Glad you got your vacuum Farokh. Sounds like your cruising at altitude speed. good for you. I got some sad news today as I learned one of our friends (my sister's year) has Multiple Myeloma and today she underwent a stem cell transplant. I want to be some support to her in time.

    Nice that you enjoyed the movie. You guys sound like 2 peas in a pod.

  3. Hi Farokh: So great to hear you've had a good holiday with the family…..wishing you a very happy new year….enjoy the new toys…love my HDTV…you can really see who's had 'work' done….and who knew vacuuming could be so much fun with a Dyson…that sucker really works! Big hug….

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR Farokh!

    I agree with your friend Marina about the fact that with HDtv….you CAN SEE who's had work done! LOL. Glad your Dyson is a dream come true. I am very happy with my Bosch.

  5. United in Dyson! I resisted commenting on your choices as I knew you would figure it out yourselves, savvy people as you are!…my mother, bless her, graced us with a Dyson two months ago as she couldn't bear to see me lugging the clunky old Hoover up and down and across to the barn. Dyson doesn't quite fit in with the rural, sheep and hay thing we have going here but who really minds when the job gets so well done and one's back remains in place, so far.
    As for TV and internet access… waiting for the renaissance!
    Happy New Year for the third time so far, counting Naw Ruz and Rosh Hashana…
    Hugs to the fam xxxx

  6. Happy New year and all the best to you, Janet and Devon. Sorry for the delay, but it was the computer line fault.
    Big hugs and kisses

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