Our friends came over for dinner last Friday night. We brought in food from Riz, always wonderful and tasty. Unfortunately, Daryl who organised the evening came down with stomach flue and could not come.  We had a great time. I monopolised Judith all night which was wonderful.

My back had started hurting in the afternoon. This is listed as a possible side effect of getting Neulasta. The pain was not so bad. I went to bed around 9, and the pain was getting worse. I took a couple of Tylenol 1s, just so I could get to sleep. Woke up every four hours to take more Tylenols. The process lasted about 30 hours. This was the most painful back pains and the strangest experience I have gone through.

At the risk of offending some of you, it felt like someone had put firecrackers up my ass. Once lit, my hips would start this uncontrollable surge rising off the chair in spasms. Janet could not stop laughing when she saw it happen. It takes about an hour for the Tylenols to kick in. In the meantime, the lower back pain had started to spread up toward the middle back. This was a bone pain as opposed to a muscle pain. Heating pads did not work. But the Tylenols did.

I woke up on Sunday morning at 4Am, about an hour late for my Tylenols. No pain. I got up and went downstairs, ate something and just reveled in a pain free life. Janet and I discussed this a bit further in the morning and wondered whether this was the Neulasta finally kicking in. I spent Sunday full of energy but tired from teh previous day. Monday confirmed that the Neulasta was finally working. Only took a week.

I spent Monday and Tuesday just doing things. I had energy. I went shopping. I did not nap in the afternoons, except for about 30 minutes around 5PM. Lasted longer in the evenings. Good times.

Wednesday started in such exciting fashion. Blood work followed by the last Art Therapy Session, which I have already covered. I went for Christmas lunch at David’s office. Did not last very long, but it was good to see everyone. Went home after for a well deserved rest.

Thursday was chemo day. I was a bit apprehensive hoping for an increased white blood cell count. I was confident that it had gone up based on my energy level. Sure enough, the count jumped from 0.9 to 8.4. We arrived at the Chemo Daycare at 8:30, and had to wait till 9:30 to be taken in. Left there all done around 12:20. I am handling the chemo a lot better than previous sessions. Next chemo is set for December 30.

In the meantime I have a tooth that has to be removed surgically. I am seeing the dental surgeon on Tuesday. They will have to decide whether the operation is possible or not, or whether there will be too much bleeding. Avastin makes bleeding a dangerous option.

Chemo tires you out. There is no other word for it. Stayed home all day Friday. Thinking of going out tomorrow afternoon.

Janet is off work till January. We might go to a matinee one day. Looking forward to that. And oh yes, we need a new vacuum cleaner. Our old one is now about 25 years old, hated and despised by all. I asked the salesman what makes a good vacuum cleaner. His answer was suction. So I bought this thing that has had amazing suction. But all good things come to an end.

Life is so exciting, no?

7 Responses to “The Week That Was – Ended December 18, 2009”

  1. happy to hear that neulasta worked . I have finally managed to use firefox.
    Big hugs

  2. Hi Farohk

    Daryl was so excited about the dinner, what a shame she couldn’t come! She is such a sweet peach.

    Thrilled to hear the 8.4 white blood cell count.

    I hope you bought a Dysan, great suction.

    Send my love to Janet and Dev.


  3. Hi Farokh,
    That is so great that your white count finally went up. YAY! So…..did you get to the Matinee on Saturday? Hope so. Hope you had more energy than Friday.

    Talking about vacuum cleaners, I am curious which brand you bought. I have BOSCH (German make.) Very light to maneuver but great suction. (Fairly expensive but I figured my low back was worth it.)

    So those Tylenols, the ones with Codeine, really ease the pain. Are you allowed to have them? Did you know codeine is transformed into morphine in the body? Be careful buddy.

    • Never made it to the matinee. We will play that one by ear, specially since Janet is off work all week.

      We may go shopping for this today. Dyson is the brand of choice, it seems, but Bosch is not a bad idea. A bit of shopping. The most important element is how they handle stairs. we have lots of those.

      The only pain killer that worked for me in hospital was good old morphine. We are not allowed to tke ASA based pain killers, which leaves Tylenol as the drug of choice. I was given Percocet at one point, but it wreaked havoc with my body. T1s have come through every time Just have to make sure I take them far enough apart. 4 hours is what I am told is the right amount of time, which seems to be just about when they start fading. So it should be OK.

  4. great that the blood count was up. and that you are meeting all that comes before you.
    was hoping to stop in for a wee visit, but got slammed with a cold and fever…
    happy vacuum choosing, and a de-light-ful solstice.

  5. as to the mundane… you might check out the vac choices via youtube reviews. I just Googled: vacuums compared and hit videos. Some pretty damning ones regarding Dyson. Hey, YOU"RE the computer guy.

    • I should Google these things. The Dyson is twice the price of anything else out there. We are also looking at <iele, and Bosch, and of course, Hoover. But Google it is.

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