We lived in England prior to coming to Canada. Between 1966 and 1968, we lived under the watchful eye of a guardian, Dr. Abbas Afnan and his wife Shomeis. Dr. Afnan was also the local Medical Officer of Health. He was responsible for the closing of our school during a meningitis outbreak. One of his biggest complaints was this habit of Iranians to constantly hug and kiss one another. He was even against the shaking of hands.

He is surely smiling from somewhere at these new rules.

We have been issued new rules of engagement. They sound draconian to be sure, but what do I know?

No handshaking

No hugging

No kissing

No one sick is allowed in the house. I guess that means I have to leave

The nurses at the cancer clinic do not recommend we go to restaurants, or frequent any place where there are lots of people.  Yeah, whatever.

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