Life was measurably improved following the Saturday letdown. All my H1N1 symptoms are now over. My arm is no longer hurting. I am very glad I got the vaccine a week before the chemo treatment. The separation ensures no confusion of symptoms.

Sunday proved to be a good day. Janet went to the office in the morning. We went shopping for groceries in the afternoon. While most decry shopping for food as mundane and boring, I revel in the act. Mundane activities are a good thing. We went to Kensington Market. For those who live in foreign lands, Kensington Market is the immigration gateway to Toronto. It has been occupied by all sorts of different groups of people over the years. The current occupants are South American. Which is a good thing since Janet was making paella for dinner. Janet got to talk in Spanish with some people who were giving us advice on the best rice and the best way to go about making the dish.

We could buy live chicken at the market when we first moved to Toronto 30 years ago. All the live animals are gone now. I guess health regulations. We are living in a nanny state.

We had a good walk. Bought food, napkins, cheese slicer, the best garlic masher in the world, and a bunch of other stuff. As I said, mundane stuff.

Supper was amazing. Finished the leftovers the next night. And I don’t even feel guilty about not sharing them with anybody else.

Monday was an amazing day. I visited my ex-client, Monarch Wealth. I figured I was healthy enough. The most difficult part was stopping people from hugging, kissing and shaking hands with me. Not allowed. No sense in taking a chance. Picked up the dry cleaning once done. Bought light bulbs for the bathroom. Got a muffin and went home, I felt strong and mighty.

Sent in the request to move the blog to the new location. I mention this only to emphasize the attempted return to normality. All the while trying very hard to feel good about feeling good. There is always a nagging sense of impending doom back there somewhere. And as good as I feel, there also always seems to be some part of the body that insists on bringing you back to reality. Never anything serious. A small pang in the stomach is often all that is required. Shortness of breath after going up the stairs. Janet refuses to install an elevator for some reason.

I overdid my activities on Monday. I think there is some sense of urgency that builds up in you, so that when you feel good, you want to do everything in that one day. I paid the  price for it in some small measure on Tuesday when I was more tired that I anticipated. I refused to give in though and mustered up enough strength to go about as normal an existence as possible. Spent a good deal of time on the phone attempting to resolve the issues with the blog.

We are living in interesting times. We are creating amazing and wonderful technologies, the results of which are often unpredictable. The moving of the blog is one such example. We exported the blog and the database it was associated with. The idea was to move the domain to a new location and import everything back in.  That was a smooth process. WordPress which is the blogging program I use is not prepared to make the rest of the project an easy job. The database was pointed at the old location. Moving it did nothing. Every time you accessed it, you went to the old location. At some point, the new location stopped responding. We had to modify the pointers to point to the new location. There is no automated process for to take place. Did the writers of this beautiful program not envisage that anyone would want to move it to a new location?

There are numerous example of programming short sightedness.

I will cover Wednesday in its own entry. As I said, I feel strong and mighty.

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