Surprise! We get Avastin today. Dr. Hedley feels that enough time has gone by for me to have healed. Damn the creation of blood vessels. Full steam ahead.

We searched the web for the side effects of Avastin. It includes just about anything that is not included with the other drugs. name it, and it is a side effect. All of it includes an emergency visit to your doctor or the emergency room.

Chemo Brain is setting in. What do you want for dinner, she says. That takes way too much thinking. I literally sat there looking at Janet wondering why she is asking me that question. What do I want? The answer stopped at the question. Too much. You decide, Whatever you make is fine.

Chemo Tired is also setting in. Cannot be helped. I have to stay awake since my brother is coming in tonight. He should be here in a couple of hours. Chemo tired just means you put your head down and snooze whenever and where ever.

The Avastin was a bit of a surprise. I thought they might put it off till after the CT-Scan. It threw me for a loop. Again the unexpected. The surprise move. The unknown. A bit silly really after all this time. Yeah 2 months and a bit make for all this time. Still, we are becoming veterans. The nurses are beginning to know us. A club.

Went in for blood work in the morning so we would have the latest possible results. Missing chemo last week upset janet and Judith a lot. Ruth put a positive spin on it. Imagine what havoc the chemo is wreaking on the cancer cells if it has that knd of effect on the white blood cells. Not sure I understand the correlation, but it pacified Janet. Good thing.

Went in this morning. They took my blood. Left the thumb tack in my chest. Now we wait for the results. My white blood cell count which had taken a dive over the past four weeks has rebounded to 3.9. The number means we are safe for chemo. Had o wait two hours to be let in. Left the club room at 5:00. Late. Dark outside.

A bit nauseous. Nothing my amazing pills won’t solve. But only if it is nausea. Have a hard time telling.

This too shall pass. We will survive and move on.

Margaret Wente wrote a charming article in the Globe & Mail on the subject of breast cancer. More to the point, on fighting, conquering and surviving cancer. I have already made my opinions known on this topic, and this article only confirms me in what I wrote.

Breast Cancer is a very physical presentation of cancer. It is vivid and devastating. Most other forms, including mine are well hidden. I got dressed in regular (as opposed to my sick) clothes on the weekend. Nobody can really tell that there is anything wrong, let alone how dire things are.

Raising money for Breast Cancer by whatever means, only increases the attention that is paid to all forms of cancer. While reading on this, it appears to me that the “cures” for want of a better word, for cancer are many and not one. The cures will apply to all sorts of cancer and will not be limited to only one. Eating fresh organic fruits and vegetables, reducing the amount of red meat that we consume, help reduce the risk of all cancers, not just one or two brands.

Thank you for a delightful article, Ms. Wente.

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