Last Thursday was the start of chemo week. Avastin was added to the mix. Another unknown, and as you all know by now, I am not a big fan if unknowns of this kind.

My brother and his wife left on Monday morning. My sister had come for the day on Sunday and left that same evening. I felt like I was on a natural high on Sunday. We even joked and laughed about my cancer. That was a a first and a very good sign. That people felt comfortable enough to laugh at this thing is way cool.

The last visit from my brother was followed by a huge emotional vacuum. This time was no different.  The high is followed by a very natural low. That was yesterday. The weakness of my voice is a dead giveaway.

Fo’ad drove me to the hospital for my CT-Scan. This is the first one since¬† the chemo treatments have started. The results should be telling. I am seeing the oncologist on Wednesday, so the wait is short for the results.

I had a pain in my ribcage last night right about where the liver is located. It went away by the morning and came back tonight with what appears to be a vengeance. I took a couple of Tylenol 1s. We will see if it helps. These things take about an hour to kick in.

My nurse Barb came for a visit this morning to see how I am doing. She will visit me every two weeks just to keep tabs on me. It was really nice seeing her. I somehow miss my nurses. You cannot help but want to get rid of them when they visit. Once they are gone, the story changes somewhat. It turns out the visits were nice and reassuring. Someone who looks at you and tells you how well you are doing and actually knows.

This has not been a good week so far. I went to see my supplier of bags and such, Faye. She is very sweet. We are looking at alternative brands. One of them has a locking bag. Makes sense considering my accident of the other night. We ordered samples. I went shopping for food after. Took some pictures.

Came home exhausted. It was not supposed to be this way. This is usually the first day of recovery where I show signs of strength, vim and vigor. Yet here I am totally exhausted and going to bed after I post this item. Not fair.

Tomorrow is a big day. I get to paint my picture of anger at the Art Therapy session. I already know what I am going to do. A no brainer when you have time to think. Just hope I can do my idea justice. You will see the results in the next couple of days.

And of course the oncologist.

Big day tomorrow

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