Ran my fingers through my hair this evening. It is all coming out.

Anyone want to have a head shaving party?

I have been preparing myself for this event. Though really and truly, nothing quite prepares you for the sight of seeing your hair coming out in huge amounts. No clumps yet, just large amounts of it coming out in my hands.

We are so vain, are we not? This is not a big issue. I will go see my hairdresser on Friday and have the whole thing shaved off I could this at home, but I would have to clean up the mess.

I had originally thought I would have a party of sorts. I just do not have the energy to organise it.

Just call me baldy.

I am not going to do blood work tomorrow morning. I will instead go on Thursday morning. Chemo is set for noon on Thursday. Doing the blood work in the morning will mean that they will have the results by 11:00. I will have to call them then to see if the blood cell count is adequate or not. If it is, I take my 7 tiny pills and head in. Otherwise…..

Not getting chemo comes with its own stress. Which is bizarre to say the least. You get stressed because you are getting chemo. The pumping of chemicals in your body is a bit diabolical. You are mildly relieved when the chemo is postponed. And now a bit stressed since you want the chemo so it gets rid of the cancer. Good Grief, Charlie Brown.

Every doctor and nurse I see remarks on my hair. I still have it. A beautiful head of curly hair. Every barber I have had has remarked on it. I have had gray hairs since the age of 17. Barbers have constantly remarked on the beautiful salt and pepper hair that people would pay dearly for.

I can also grow a beard in record time. Shaving every day is a must. I noticed the other day, while shaving, that I seem to be generating less facial hair. Not sure what it means. I have not shaved in about 5 days and am still not showing much. I might even be considered to be fashionable. I wonder if I have to start planning my head shaving party soon.

Tomorrow is Art Therapy day. I am looking forward to it. Will have to take a lot of notes. Interested to see if anyone has read my blog and what they think.

I will let you know as soon as I find out.

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