I was talking with a Creationist a few years ago. It was fascinating. So easy to poke holes in their theories. The other side believes in evolution. It is a sacred cow of sorts. Made me wonder.

Many years ago a single cell organism, left the safety of the the water world and wandered on land. Courageous fellow. The theory is that the organism evolved to be able to breathe on land. I am not sure how long this evolution took, and why the creature did not die before he evolved enough to be able to breathe on land. I can almost imagine the conversation that took place among the group. No you go first, really, not dangerous. We are the only creatures around. Go on, go out there. So it did. And promptly died.

If we are to believe that this creature managed to stay alive for the amount of time it takes for it to evolve into a land breathing creature, then why don’t fish do that every time one is plucked from the ocean? Surely there is one fish or there capable of evolving into a land breathing creature as did the single cell organisms before it.

If it was not a single cell organism, then it was a fish of some kind. Again, more should be popping out of the ocean by now. Unless it was a particular breed that was amenable to land living, in which case all those particular species wandered onshore at the same time, en masse, as it where. Yo, everyone, time to go ashore. Does not make sense. If the fish took their time joining the party, then they evolved at different rates. Which brings up its own set of issues.

Where did the single cell organisms come from in the first place? Probably a land creature who went for a swim and decided it liked it better. It swam for a number of millennia before developing the necessary equipment allowing it to live in water. Which brings up the question of why would it develop the necessary tools to live in a different environment? Is there some cryptic code in the genes that says, OK, you have spent enough time in this environment, here are some gills. Or, if the traffic was in the other direction, here are some lungs.

We humans evolved from chimps. As my father used to say, maybe your ancestors came from chimps, mine came from humans. We are quick to accept these theories as God given truths, hardly questioning the plausibility of these theories. It takes years, if not centuries for organisms to evolve. What would make a creature develop wings? Looks up at the sky thinking that would be cool. How much time would that take? If it was that easy, why don’t humans have wings? We have always wanted to fly. We are stuck in planes instead. Birds are looking at us thinking, dumb humanoids. Just concentrate.

I am sure a number of you smart people out there will have thoughts on this. Please share. On some very basic level, it makes little sense to me after years of accepting these theories as well researched truths.

This brings us to the cancer cells within our bodies. We all have them in our bodies waiting for the right circumstances in which to grow and prosper. Is this evolution of some sort? Just a thought.

I will end this now. You get the gist of where this is going.

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