Lorazepam worked for two straight nights. Wednesday was my worst day. Thursday was better, and today was fantastic.

Devin and I went out for lunch accompanied by Ariela. Devin and I then made our way to Wellspring. I was getting stronger by the minute. Wellspring has a lot of programs to offer. We signed up for a few, including Qi-Gong, Relaxation, Art therapy, Brain Fog and something else. The people there are very nice and we got a lot of information. I am glad we made the effort to go there personally.

I took another Lorazepam this evening, but it did not have the same effect as previous nights, hence this post at 1:00AM. Win some, lose some. I will get some sleep tonight. The Kinsman Robinson Gallery has an opening between 2 and 4 and I want to go to it. We also have a dinner invitation, and a birthday invite. Yeah, I know, only one will happen.

The benefits of a good nights sleep are well documented, and I am not about to deny or argue about any of them. Every good night’s sleep result in a stronger day.

On a happier note, the diarrhea is gone and I am now waiting for the system to return to normal.

That’s it off now. Off to sleep for the big day tomorrow.

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