Slept through most of Thanksgiving Monday. It was such a relief to be able to sleep at all. Fetneh left early in the morning. The more often she comes to visit, the easier separation becomes. I don’t cry when she leaves and look forward to the next visit.

Monday was uneventful. A very welcome quiet day. I wake up in the morning with a slight pain in my right shoulder. I put it to computer use. Bad keyboards, bad posture, whatever. It will pass.

Janet went to the Eaton Centre and wandered around. I was very happy for her. I stayed home, did Word Searches, and slept. I also slept through the night. Though it did ot feel that way. I felt I was awake the whole time. Janet assures I was not. She wakes up often to check on me and tells me I was asleep through most of the night.

We decide every morning if I should drive Janet to work and keep the car to run errands. I did not feel up to it on Tuesday morning. Janet goes off to work and I go for a walk. I decided that I would try and go for a walk every morning to buy the papers (the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star). I would then make the supreme effort of reading the papers. This has several benefits, the first of which is that it gives me a reason to go for a walk every morning. The second is that it might improve my concentration level.

I get dressed and walk East to Logan Avenue. We  live on a fairly long block which makes for a good bit of exercise. I get the papers and walk South to Riverdale, the next street over, then West to Broadview, North to Withrow and East to our house, I try to keep a brisk pace, hold my head high and a straight back. Needless to say (though I do appear to be saying it) I do not always succeed.

To say that I read the paper is an exaggeration, more like a perusal. I could read the papers online, but then I would not be encouraged to go for a walk. I could have them delivered, but then, I would not be encouraged to go for a walk. There  is also an advantage to reading the physical paper. There are all sorts of snippets of information that you would never see with the online version. There are a few interesting articles. I will add a page to the right side of this blog and maintain a list of links.

I make a point of eating regularly. We have noticed that I get a nasty case of the shakes when I do not keep a regular schedule. I finished the perusal and eat. Go upstairs to watch television. There is a movie on that I have seen a few ties and decide to watch it again. No effort required. Devin wakes up and joins me. He eventually decides to make me lunch. Pancakes with fried eggs on top. Delicious.

I go back upstairs to sleep but decide to watch more TV. My stomach is becoming very active and I am not very comfortable. I start feeling bad around 2:00PM. Not sure why and so go to bed. The phone rings waking me up. Finally Nancy calls and we have a long chat. It is a very welcome break.

Janet comes home around 5 and we have a discussion about why I am not feeling well. How can one day be so good and the next so bad? How can a morning start with such promise and end so poorly? We are still having problems coming to grips with things.

We are eating Thanksgiving turkey leftovers. Janet is a genius at this sort of stuff. Dinner is delicious. Diana comes over for a visit. My stomach is as active as always, and very noisy. She cannot help but laugh at the noises coming out of my bag. I am not offended and laugh with her. She is very curious about how everything works and operates. Long discussion ensues.

My sister has recommended that I drink Valerian tea mixed with Lemon Balm tea. Valerian is a relaxant based n the root of a plant, but it tastes terrible. The lemon balm makes it palatable. I drink the tea at 9:00. It takes about 2.5 hours for it to take effect.

I wake up around 2:00 with a sharp and continuous pain in my right shoulder. This is not normal and I cannot imagine where it is coming from. I am kept awake and being to feel nauseous. Janet wakes up to go to the washroom and I ask her if I can take a Tylenol 1. She is not sure but Tylenols are on the list of approved drugs I take an extra strength Tylenol. By the time the pain subsides, I am wide awake and start writing this blog entry.

I looked up the joint pain on the Web It turns out to be a common side effect of chemo. We will call the doctors in the morning.

Good night

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