Some rules of engagement first:

1. Do not insult or denigrate my mother

2. Do not insult or denigrate my doctors

3. Do not insult or denigrate my nurses

4. Do not insult or denigrate my family

5. Do not insult or denigrate my belief system

6. Keep your tone and comments civil so we can continue with the discussion.


I will address the points you have made one at a time.

Read the Louise hay book before it is too late:

Too late meaning that I will be dead. I am not afraid of death. It is the only certainty in life. Everything that is born will die at some point. Neither too late nor too early, but right on time. I will welcome death when it arrives as it will liberate me from the constraints of the physical body, much as being born liberated the baby from the constraints of the womb.

I have nothing against Ms. Hay. Her experiences might make for an interesting read. Her advice is not definitive, and might work in some measure for some. I will see if I can make time to tread her book. I am not fighting cancer. Cancer cells live in our bodies all the time and are triggered into activity by some set of circumstances. Fighting the cancer means I am fighting my own body. I would rather meditate and learn to love my body. Fighting  creates inflammation which feeds cancer cells. Love reduces inflammation starving the cells. I would rather love than fight.

As I said in my previous comments, there are a large number of different kinds of cancer. What works in one situation may not work in another. To say nothing of the different reactions of body and mind to whatever we throw at our systems. There are far too many unknowns to make any single system the ultimate answer to a riddle. Cancer is a riddle.

All that happens in your life is because of your persistent strong thoughts whether positive or negative:

I am doomed. I am very passionate about what I believe. I have strong opinions, for good or bad. I could not possibly remain neutral as you are suggesting. I will leave that to the Swiss. Neutrality of thought and behaviour is the bane of our existence. Everything that happens is due to the passion of someone. I do not see passionate people dying of cancer in any greater numbers than anyone else. I will not cease to be passionate about my beliefs.

If you just sit and cry that you have cancer and believe what the doc believes, I think you will never realise the truth that life is infinite:

Last point first. Life on this earth is finite. You die, someone buries you, and you are done. The question is, do you believe in an afterlife?

I am not sitting and crying that I have cancer. I thought I made that clear in my last post. Far from it. I cry a lot out of joy. The surprise in the kindness shown me by people. The vendor from whom I have not made a purchase who says a prayer for me. The client who insists on having lunch to make sure I am OK. The client who calls once a week to make sure I am OK. The friend who visits once a week for a cup of coffee and a laugh. None are required to do any of this. They do it out of love and compassion. And yes, I cry when I receive their love and caring thoughts. I cry when people wish me a happy birthday and many more to come. I do not feel sorry for myself. I feel joyous at being surrounded by so many loving and kind people.

My oncologist made it very clear that he can only do so much for me. The medications will do what they do. The rest is up to me. I thought I made that clear as well. A doctor who believes in wellness. A doctor who hugs his patients. A doctor who listens and is not not bothered by any of the question. A doctor who does not believe that knowing what type of cancer you have will help in your healing. A doctor who believes you should be well, to help yourself. Do I believe him? Yes. And I will defend him to the end of my days.  You do not have the right to disparage him in any way.

If you keep ranting, you will get nowhere:

My blog is a sure indication of my thought process. I have come a long ways from the beginning of this journey. My rantings now have to do more with a wandering mind, rather than any dissatisfaction with my situation. Do I get upset from time to time? Of course I do. No one in their right mind would not. It is a very strange place to be. A bag glued to your stomach that you have to clean at 2 in the morning, or 4, or 6 or whenever it decides to activate itself. Nothing more bizarre. Nothing that reminds you of your condition more. Life goes on.

There are a lot of people who’ve gotten cured even if a fucking doctor says there is no cure for cancer:

True enough. Compare the numbers of people who have been cured and the ones who have succumbed. The latter win, if there is such a thing. Far outnumber the others. I have cousins who have outlived the expectations of the doctor. The doctor is not all knowing. He/she bases their arguments on past experiences. There is no way for them to know anything about what you are going through. That is what makes my oncologist such an angel. He is not second guessing anything and is quite open about what he know and does not know.  Love the guy. Have I said that before? And don’t swear at him.

If you think you’re a powerless being, I think I’ll often see you ranting than seeing you take action:

I don’t rant. See above. Take action? I have taken action. I have little choice. Life has changed.

I see that you find your self hope less, but hey, do me a favor… become hopeful:

I am dying to know what gives you the impression that my self hope is low. It is very high. It gets low right after Chemo Therapy which tires me out. I do talk about death as not being a negative. I really do not see death in that light. I will live as long as I can, and live well. Enjoy the company of friends and relatives. Go traveling. Take pictures. Observe life. Enjoy the company of my lovely wife and amazing son. What more could a person ask for? Low self worth is not one of my issues.

If you don’t read these two books, don;t reply back because then you;re not respecting the good I want to bring in your life. Certainly:

Lets get something very clear. My blog, my decision whether I respond to comments or not. In fact my decision to allow your comments to go through or not. My decision to relegate you to the spam folder or not. So far, I am enjoying the discussion. Respect for what you are trying to do? Respect is earned over time. It is certainly not a given. Specially when you decide to insult my mother, doctor, and belief system.  I might very well read the books, or not. That is for me to decide. Not reading them does not show a lack of respect to anyone. It is just my decision. You are not in a position to dictate anything.

Do I believe in God:

That has been made very clear over and over again. Yes. I am a member of the Baha’i Faith. Belief in God is a matter of Faith, not positive proof. I was having a discussion with a friend about the creation of the universe. When did it happen? How did it happen? The Big Bang is the explanation du jour. Discussions about the existence of God and the creation of the universe bog down finally in the ultimate question: What created God? What created the Big Bang? Both sides fall flat on the last point. Out of nowhere comes a big bang or God. What created each? There is no answer. My joke is that God lit the fuse that created the big bang.

Have you ever seen God?

Not sure. Let me know what he looks like, and I will let you know. Not seeing something does not make its existence null and void. We do not see emotions or a myriad of other things in our lives. That does not negate the existence of feeling and emotions. Nor does it negate the existence of God. It is simply a matter of Faith.

Well, if you can believe in things and experiences that you’ve not seen ever just because your mother said or a fucking IGNORANT doctor says so, I am sure you need to believe in the power of the UNIVERSE. You can answer only those questions you know answers of so better remove your self-ignorance and increase your consciousness:

Don’t denigrate my mother. Or my doctor, who turns out to be a very smart man. I am not sure why we shy away from using the word God. The power of the universe? Could that not be God? Why not just call it God. Self ignorance is an interesting turn of phrase, I am not sure what it means. Are you saying that I am deliberately keeping myself ignorant? Are you not doing the same by denying my belief system? The wisdom of my mother? Everyone should be listened to, which is why I am letting you post your comments. And also why I am responding. Everyone has a glimmer of something in what they say that might make a difference.

Baha’is believe in the independent investigation of the truth. This places the responsibility of choosing a religion squarely on the shoulders of the believer. We have to decide what path we wish to pursue at the age of maturity – 15. We do not become de facto Baha’is. We have to make a conscious decision, hopefully after studying our options. We are allowed to change our minds. Nothing wrong with that. Your assertion that my thoughts, beliefs and way of life is influenced solely by my mother are misplaced. She had an influence, of course, as all mothers do. They are the first educators of the children. At some point, we grow up into who we are independent of parental influences.

If you read the books and implement whatever is written in it, I AM 100000000000000000% SURE YOU WILL OVERCOME CANCER.
Are you a loser or a winner? You decide.

Overcome cancer. I have cancer in my lungs, liver (both lobes) and pelvic area.  I will eventually succumb to its will, but not today or tomorrow. It will happen at some point in the far future. It is not even on my radar at this point. I am not sure why this has to be so black and white. What makes a person a winner or loser? Is it just their attitude? So many are winners in one way and losers in another. You might be a winner at business, but a loser at marriage. What are you, a winner or a loser. Not so clear what the answer is.


I notice by your web site that you are located in India. I have no experience or knowledge of the health care system in India. I have become very familiar with the Canadian one. It has been a fabulous experience. From the many doctors and nurses that have looked after me, the volunteers, the clerks, the support staff, all have been amazing. I am surrounded by a bunch of very caring people.  Please refrain from calling my doctor ignorant. None of them have been. I have read the report from the operating room. I do not understand some of the terminology. What I can tell you is that there was an amazing amount of thought and deliberation that went into the decisions that were made. I was asleep and in no position to contribute. It is nice to know that the doctors spent as much time as they did on making their decisions. None were taken lightly.

The doctors in my hospital meet regularly to discuss our case. We are not left at the discretion of a single person. Quite a system has been put in place. It is not without its hiccups. Nonetheless, a fine system.

You sound very angry, and I have no way of knowing why. You have not answered my questions:

Do you believe in God?

What experience have you had with cancer? You or someone near you? You have read the books and, contrary to your advice of maintaining neutrality, seem very passionate about your beliefs. Why?

Cancer patients are very supportive of one another. There are no judgments. None of us got cancer on purpose and we will not take the blame for our condition. You certainly do not have the right to pass judgment on any of us. Blaming the victim is disingenuous.  You should read some of the stuff on the WHO site. 11.5 million people died of cancer last year. Not one of them is to be blamed. And don’t tell me they are all ignorant, and that the secret lies in the hands of these two authors.

That is all for now. Looking forward to your reply. And please keep it civil.

77 Responses to “Ronak Shah – a Second Response”

  1. Farokh you have incredible patience and tolerance for someone who clearly has, um, issues. But, a very interesting read!

    • @Nancy I got no issues. What difference does it make to me anyway? I am just making my best effort to convince Farokh that there is hope and that he will be cured if he wanted to. Where there is a will there is a way!

      • How much do you about cancer?

        I realise that I am going against the grain to say that there is no cure for cancer. In fact, very few are totally preventable, and very few can be cured. Most are contained and controlled.

        11.5 million people died of cancer last year. Not a huge number considering the 6.5 billion people that inhabit our beautiful planet, but a large number regardless. They are not too blame for the plight. You do not have the right to pass judgment on their life or their condition.

        There are many types of cancers within each category. We do not know enough about any most of them to have definite ideas such as those you are espousing.

        Are you aware of what philosophy the Secret is based on? These are not unique ideas. Nor do most of them belong to the author. Do your own research first.

        Have you had cancer? Does a member of your family have cancer? What experience do you have with cancer patients?

  2. with the respectful understanding that we all have our own ways of meeting our lives, and that we are fortunate to have many choices available, who needs self-blame? there are confusing delicate lines between taking responsibility for oneself and taking yet another habitual whack… mostly Farokh, am wanting to check in and add my support, following all this imput. with love.

  3. ronak, you don't seem to want to follow an argument to its logical conclusion. farokh is the epitome of all that you claim to value – he has not succumbed to any form of victimhood, he is strong and positive in all his beliefs, he is proactive in his own care. but you can't have it both ways – if there is "a power greater than everyone of us", then it cannot also be true that "All you experience in the present moment is the result of your passionate beliefs". while farokh may not have read The Secret, i have, and it makes no logical sense. is the earthquake in Haiti because of the "passionate beliefs" of the people who experienced it? what about the tsunami? what about the person who gets hit by a car? what about the child born with birth defects? are all of them responsible for their situation because of "passionate beliefs"? Think through the statements you are making and see if they make any sense at all, and then if they are helpful in any way to the person you are sending the message to. you may want to help, but actually you are exposing yourself as someone who hasn't done the hard work of thinking through the implications of your philosophy.

    • Gita,

      All I deeply want is that Farokh becomes a happier man. All that happens to you is due to the manifestation of all your passionate feelings, thoughts, beliefs and experiences. All that you draw in your life is because of your passionate thoughts, feelings and karma (actions).

      If you’ve not heard of Wayne Dyer, then find out a copy of his book “Power of Intentions”.


      If there is “a power greater than everyone of us”, then it cannot also be true that “All you experience in the present moment is the result of your passionate beliefs”

      So you mean to say that god has no other job than to control our lives. God gives us free will. We as human beings are free to make choices which is exactly why we receive what we sow. As you think, so shall you reap.

      And… whatever I mean by the greater power is the universe (since you’ve read the secret by now) — the universe is the genie. You remember what the genie says: Your wish is my command.

      If you hate someone else, you’ll first start hating your self – that’s how a person gets a disease in his body whether it’s a sneeze, cough, cold, fever or cancer. Diseases are created through our emotions within our bodies by our persistent thoughts.

      Whatever affects the mind affects the body. Mind and body are connected. Do you know the power of your mind, body and soul?

      • Ronak,
        Please read the blog and let me know how I am unhappy. I am a very happy man, in spite of the cancer.

        What makes you think I hate anybody? What makes you think I hate myself? Read the blog.

        I have not been sick often in my life. I get a cold about every 4 years. I live in a climate with temperatures that go to below 30 degrees Celsius, and still do not get sick. The cancer came out of nowhere and caught all by surprise. I eat very healthy foods. I consider carrots to be a snack.

        Do I know the power of mind and soul? More than you could possibly imagine. Reead the blog.

        Better and more importantly, understand what you are reading and stop seeing things through what appears to be a narrow perspective.

        • It may be the foods too.

          I am a pranic healer. I know basic pranic healing.

          I think you need your Aura scanned.

          I am posting because of love.

          • My aura is fine, thank you very much.

            Foods are being identified as a cause of cancer. Just one cause. They are blaming the great increase in the intake of white flour and refined sugars as promoting cancer cells. Grain fed animals are also a cause since the grain is throwing the amount amount of omega6 out of proportion to the amounts of omega1. Omega6 promotes cancer. Omega1 deters it.

            You may be posting out of love. I have little doubt of your intentions. But you are either not reading the blog, or choosing to misinterpret what you are reading.

            And you still have not answered my question, which I am now placing in all my comments to you until I get an answer:

            Have you had cancer? Does a member of your family have cancer? What experience do you have with cancer patients?

          • What difference does it make to you…

            It makes no sense.

          • Have you had cancer? Does a member of your family have cancer? What experience do you have with cancer patients?

            You keep repeating the same old thing without being open minded to the fact that cancer is curable.

            For different types of cancer, there are different remedies.

          • I keep repeating the question because you have refused to provide an answer.

            The question has nothing to do with whether cancer is curable or not.

            Answer the question:
            Have you had cancer? Does a member of your family have cancer? What experience do you have with cancer patients?

          • Miracles happen everyday, you just fail to see them.

            I know my stuff very well. INDEED.

            Wish you good luck for your life.


          • Please Ronak, stop saying things of which you have little knowledge. Cancer patients are only to aware of all the miracles. We see them around us all the time. We are also aware of the bigger majority who succumb to their condition. No miracle to save them.

            Miracles are interesting. If you believe as strongly as you do in karma, and the ability of a person to help themselves, then miracles would not exist. I am surprised that you mention miracles as saving peoples lives, as opposed to attributing the phenomenon to their karma and self awareness.

            Answer the question: Have you had cancer? Does a member of your family have cancer? What experience do you have with cancer patients?

          • I'm just wanting to make you aware that it is possible to get your self cured.

            That's what I call a miracle for people who don't believe it's possible.

            The below is absolutely true:

            "If you believe as strongly as you do in karma, and the ability of a person to help themselves, then miracles would not exist."

            Miracles are for those people who believe in the prospect of things being impossible to achieve in life.

            I believe everything is possible. You can break a wall just with your thoughts and you can do whatever you want as long as its in the framework of the universal laws.

            Nothing is Impossible.

            Impossible is Nothing. Adidas logo.

          • I do not believe in miracles. I also do not pretend to have an answer for everything. Far from it. Far more questions than answers.

            You cannot break a wall with your thoughts. Do you know anyone who has? Including the authors of the books you keep pushing?

            Some things are impossible. We cannot be in two places at the same time. We have to accept that. Other things are a challenge. We have to recognize the difference.

            Adidas advertises to increase sales, not create a life philosophy.

          • Adidas uses the REAL philosophy that in life nothing is impossible.

            And it's true. Adidas won't promote anything that they don't believe in. It's a BIG company that has a solid reputation of its own and it is not stupid to use a philosophy they don't believe in. They are here to inspire people to believe "Nothing is Impossible".

            Human strength has no limitations except the limitations you believe you do possess.

            Napoleon once said: Whatever you believe you conceive.

            I request you to open your eyes and see the world as it is, not according to what you think is true – Accept the world the way it is and you'll be good.

            You're lucky that there is someone who really cares for your well being. You just need to open your eyes.

            So I think you have limited view of the reality that you can foresee which is why you "attracted" what you're experiencing.

            Yes, you did. I may be harsh but taking responsibility for your actions is not equal to blame.

            Blame is a curse. Responsibility is power.

            If you make a mistake and you take responsibility for a mistake you did, that helps you take control of your life.

          • Napoleon is probably the worst example of any to give. Defeated twice in battle and died in prison. He probably believed he could get his freedom, but failed.

            I am seeing the world as it is. Ironically, I have the same request of you. Look at the world and see what we can do. Also accept what we cannot do. All the examples you provide are based on our infinite imagination. None of the examples you provide have anything to do with life or the world as we see it. Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone as a means of communication. Nothing in his writings reveal that he could have foreseen that the phone would carry data across its wires.

            The Bluetooth technology was created to provide secure access between devices. At some point the bodyt overseeing the technology was contemplating making some changes to their standards. They were approached by a company that requested that they reconsider their decision. The company was using the technology to determine the temperature inside some large vats of chemicals they were producing. They would drop these balls that contained a thermostat and positioning system into the vats. The balls also contained a Bluetooth transmitter. They could tell at any time what the temperatures were and in what location. No one on the Bluetooth technology panel had foreseen such a use for their technology. Our imagination is infinite.

            I take responsibility for everything I am conscious of doing. Pray tell, what have I done to attract cancer? I cannot and will not responsibility for an unknown. No one has yet determined why a number of cancers exist. 50% pf cancers are preventable by early diagnosis and vaccines. The other 50% are still being researched. So pray tell, what have I done to activate my cancer cells?

            You are passing judgement on my life without really knowing anything about it. You are not being harsh, but your advice is misguided.

          • Well, I think..

            You're not ready to accept life at its best.

            I am wasting my time.



          • You are very pompous in your replies. Judgmental, unaccepting of the reality of others, and incredibly arrogant. You should open your mind and take in more information from more sources. Relying on one book such as The Secret is not a good thing. Read more books on religion and philosophy. You do not have to agree with your are reading, but it will do you good. You are not hurting my feelings, I hasten to add. I just wish you could see your way past your rhetoric. You appear to be stuck in a pattern of thinking that is inherently destructive. You may be doing this with the best of intentions. Or it be subconscious and you fail to realise that the path you are heading in is a dead end.

            Faro from wasting your time, I am providing you with an alternate vision that you are failing to grasp and investigate. I have read about your Faith, Jainism. I have read The Sevret, as you have requested. Have you read anything about the Baha'i Faith? Do you have the courage to look into another view of the world? Since you have difficulty answering questions, I do not even know why I bother asking them. Now that is a waste of my time, since you are so incredibly rooted and immersed into your single point of view. Broaden your perspective. You will be greatly nourished by the additional wisdom of others.

          • But you're stuck at believing that you're innocent (which you're), that you're not guilty of doing anything that resulted in cancer (I wonder why you think so because it does not make any sense to think such ideas) and you did not make any mistakes that led you to such an experience (well you did make a mistake & everyone makes mistakes.. that's human nature).

            Let me ask you:

            Why did cancer happen to you and not other people?

            I know I am being very harsh here but for you, taking responsibility is the same as blaming your self which is not true at all.

            I can challenge you on a million $$$$$ bet for the same issue:

            Taking responsibility for your actions and your self is Power, not blame.

            And go to the Himalayas to actually experience what I am saying.

            You won't believe what I am saying unless you experience it.

            Why did cancer happen to you? Do you have the answer for it?

            I know you don't.

            I think you don't have the patience to go and find answers to why did it happen and what led you to cancer?

            I know it's painful but all I want you to realize is why did cancer happen to you…

            I am sorry… unless you realize that there is a possibility that you can be cured from cancer, you won't get cured from it…

            So if after 10 years from now a doctor suddenly finds the answer to a treacherous disease called cancer, would you believe that there is cure for cancer…

            why should you believe that..

            stick with what the doctor tells you now.. that there is no cure for cancer and you must NOT go deep down to find out why cancer happens to an individual.

            why are you blaming stress for the condition you're in.. you're not supposed to blame stress for the same.. after all if you were in deep stress, then stress is not to be blamed ain't that true

            For you, you believe that in your life there are some things that happen to you are not in your control so you mean to say that you're NOT in control of your life completely.. that there is something that can manipulate you – how ridiculous!

          • Again, and again, and again, no one has the answer to why I got cancer and not the person next to me, or the myriad of criminals who have made bigger mistakes than I have. What about the terrorists in the Congo who are perpetrating hideous crimes that defy explanation. Surely their level of negativity would have caused the get cancer, according to your theories. We do not know what set of circumstances causes cancer. Until we find out, I will certainly not take responsibility for something that I may or may not have done.

            I have not blamed stress as the cause of cancer. What I am saying is there may be proof that stress is one of the instigators for cancer to happen. It is not the major cause but could contribute. Again, no one knows what set of circumstance activate the cancer cells.

            They have determined that cervical cancer occurs because women catch a virus when they are teenagers. The presence of the virus makes the women susceptible to getting cancer. It does not mean they will, but the possibility is there. Doctors have just finished administering vaccines to 20million women around the world. The results will not be known for another twenty years. Are these women responsible for getting the virus when they are teenagers? Hardly. They are living a normal life and cannot be held responsible for that. It is highly disingenuous of you to hold them responsible.

            There is currently no cure for my cancer. It can be controlled but not cured. I have done a lot of research on this. No one knows the answer. One of the biggest issues with cancer is that there no single cure. Liver cancer, or colon cancer comes in various forms. Finding a cure for one does not necessarily mean you have found a cure for another. Too many strains affecting too many parts of the body.

            I wish you would disparaging my doctor. I have already told you that my oncologist believes in wellness. The chemo can only do so much. It is up to the patient to do the rest. He has not said that the cancer I have cannot be cured. He does not want to set false expectations. He does what he can. The rest is up to me.

            No one is in full control of their lives. If I understand some of the points of The Secret, which you have mentioned so frequently, the powers of the Universe will cause dreams to come true. For instance the example of the woman who wanted to meet the doctor and did. The powers of the universe caused the well traveled doctor to stay at home. Out of his control as it were. Again, this is not a negative. Just a fact of life.

            I have looked deep inside myself. I have meditated on why I have cancer. I have spoken to many. Again, I say to you that as long as we do not know what causes cancer, we cannot responsibility for it. What exactly would I start looking for deep inside my psyche? Do you know?

            The immense growth of cancer cases and deaths started occurring only after the Second World War. There was very little incidence of the condition prior to that. Why would people be cancer free before that? The depression should caused a lot of stress and guilt and negative thoughts and whatever other theories you have about what causes cancer. And yet the number of cancer cases were very low. We have to determine what causes cancer first and foremost before we can continue.

          • No one is in full control of their lives.




            Whatever happens to you is because you called for it.

            You attracted each and everything in your life irrespective of whether it is good, neutral or bad.

            You believe that you're not completely in control of your life which means that you believe you're half responsible for your being and there is someone else as well who is responsible for you (that's a blame).

            Either you are in control of your life or you aren't.

            Either you are a complete individual or you aren't.

            Either you are responsible for your own self or you aren't.

            Also, Life is not white and black. Life is colorful.

            No one knows the answer.

            Again, this is a vague response.

            Either you've the power to realize or you don't.

            Can you prove in the world that no one really knows the answer?

            You can't because you have not known everyone.

            First you've to realize who you are to be able to know other people.

            The only way to cure your self is to know your self.

            Go deeper within your self.

            I feel you've been hugely misguided like the TONS of millions of people across the globe. And you need a guide to help you come out of this mental mess.

          • In The Secret, there is a passage in which this woman, having watched the movie wanted to meet Doctor Bob Doyle. She wishes it and the powers of the Universe make it happen. At that point, the Doctor who travels extensively remains at home and is no longer in charge of his destiny. That has been determined by what you call the power of the Universe. His destiny has been altered to facilitate hers.

            You still have not explained how I have attracted cancer. Still another unanswered question. What causes cancer? Do you know? Only in knowing what causes cancer can a person delve into their past to see what action they took attracted it to them. Again, I respectfully ask that you answer my questions. I have responded to all of yours, while you keep repeating the same rhetoric.

            Your comments above appear to be very black and white. Either I am in control or not? Either a complete individual or not? (What is a complete individual,(?) pray tell) Either you are responsible for your own self or you are not? So bad and white. And yet in the next passage you claim that life is not black and white. Your comments negate that theory.

            I have gone deep into myself. I know myself extremely well. The only people that I know who have all the answers are the 9 Manifestations of God that have brought us messages and guidance from God. They seem to appear every thousand years or so updating our social and moral laws. No one else has made the claims of these Manifestations of God. I do not know everyone, but we are all human beings. We interpret life according to our environment, our upbringing, our social surroundings. There are a lot of benefits to this, since we can have discussions bringing together thoughts and ideas that may have escaped us. Does any human being have all the answers. No. Simple. For every answer generates a question.

            I have not been misguided by anyone, specially not the TONS of people out there. If you knew me a bit better, you would realise the truth of my statement and the fallacy of yours. I am not in a mental mess. Doing quite well as it turns out. You are certainly not in position to make that sort of judgment.

          • Whatever happens to you is because you created that experience consciously or unconsciously or subconsciously…

            Whatever happens to you is because you believed it to be true for you…

            "The SECRET" is the truth…

            It says "thoughts become things"… now you would say that isn't true and the authors of the secret are here to fool people and make money – ridiculous!

            The fact is that human potential & strength is infinite… it has no limitations.. what you believe to be true for you becomes true for you…

            when there was no telephone and no electricity dating back two hundred years, did the inventors such as alexander graham bell & thomas edison believe that there is no way you can talk with a person in India while you're in America.. still they believed that it can be true.. so why you don't believe that there is a possibility that a human soul can be at 2 places (not just 2 but ennumber of places) at the same time..

            People called them a fool when they actually got a breakthrough for human lifestyle.. A drastic change in the experience of human beings lives which was so radical.. who thought you could have a telephone?

            Just because you haven't seen it as reality does not really prove that it doesn't happen.. your experience of life and understanding of life is limited by your perceptions.

            I believe a human soul can transform itself into any form right from just tranforming into a stone, an ant or even a cloud or a tree..

            The power of the soul is infinite. Human body has a form. Human soul is formless, powerful and not powerless.

            Human soul is complete, powerful and infinite.

            But you're fooling your self with believing that there is no cure right now for your dis ease and that you're not responsible (are not powerful) enough to cure your self from the disease..

            Have you asked and deeply inquired which karma's have led you to such a state / condition?

            I am not here to make you feel the pain.. I want you to realize that there is god and god is the ultimate power within you.

            That's why enlightenment is necessary for a person to be free. But you believe you're already quite knowledgable and your knowledge is all but complete – that you don't need to realize the power of your soul is what you've known until now.

            Because you've created a web of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences that you hold on to them and are not willing to see through the concept of infinite possibilities .. that you can walk through a wall.. that you can break a wall.. that you can be at two places at one time.. that YOU can cure your self of your illness.

            Just because you have not experienced such things do not prove that they do not exists. In life, there are infinite possibilities and so in life everything is possible.

            Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible.

            There is hope.

          • I never said that The Secret is out to fool people and make money. I said the majority of the book is devoted to making wealth. While there is nothing inherently wrong with amassing wealth, it seldom brings happiness. There is very little in the book dealing with spirituality, which is very sad.

            The spiritual potential of humanity is infinite. Material potential is limited by a large number of issues. Items such as gravity, lung capacity and so on.

            Why do you think one's could can be in two places at once? Do you have proof? What feeds the soul?

            I will tell you again and again, you do not make me feel any pain. I do not find your words harsh at all. We are approaching this from different positions and Faiths.

            I have looked at what karma could have caused me to get cancer. As long as we do not know what caused cancer, looking deeply into your karma results in not receiving any answers. A fact of life. I will also say again, cancer is a chronic condition. Accept it. Move on. Make the best of it. Looking deep inside myself has helped me investigate what benefits getting cancer has to my life. That is a far more enriching and positive thought process than dwelling on the past.

            You also have to explain what you consider to be a negative thought. What is negative to one is positive to another. I was working for this company at one time. We were in the cafeteria having some coffee with a bunch of clients. There was a full cup of coffee in the counter that had gone cold. I decided to move it out of the way before someone accidentally spilled the contents all over the place. I said something out loud that the cup should be prevent to prevent an accident. The person in front of me decided I was being negative in assuming that someone would knock the cup over. I thought I was doing something positive. Which one of us was right?

          • illusion of our minds is termed as a negative thought.

            Self-awareness & consciousness is what I term as positivity.

            You need to figure out whether you want to be completely positive by realizing the reality or you want to be messed up in an illusion (a web).

          • And you have decided that I am labouring under illusions.

            What a decision for you to come to. Your differentiation between positivity and negativity is so broad, you could drive a truck through it. Either could be termed as being true under any and every circumstance. You think I labour under illusions, while I believe the same is true of you. Your illusions are massive, you just are failing to see the reality if it all. I can assure you that I live fully in the realm of reality and bear few illusions. This appears to be a matter of interpretation.

            Why do have such a hard time answering questions? The last question you finally answered after I included it in every comment I made. I have asked for the answer to several, and none have been answered. You keep resorting to the same rhetoric which is ambiguous and unsubstantiated. So here we go again with the questions:

            Can a man defy gravity? Do you know anyone who has?
            Can a man swim underwater for extended periods? Do you know anyone who has?
            Can a man fly through space by his own thoughts? Do you know anyone who has?
            Can a man break through a wall? Do you know anyone who has?

            And please do not answer by saying anything is possible if man deems it to be so. That is glib, facile, and again, unsubstantiated. The second part of the question is just as important as the first. Do you anyone who has managed to do any of these things through shear power of the Universe.

          • If everything is possible, then go ahead and defy gravity.
            Launch yourself into outer space without any machinery.
            Breathe without oxygen.
            Live underwater for months without any help from machinery or other devices.

            Accepting our limitations is not a negative. It helps us concentrate on what is possible.
            What is the framework of the universe? Not sure what that means.

          • Some things are impossible, what? This is all bullshit. Crap. I used to believe the same until I became 21 years old and I was as rigid to what you believe until I experienced it myself that everything in this world is impeccably possible.

            This is an illusion that you have that .

            Everything in this world is possible as long as it is under the framework of the universe.

            The framework of the universe says:




          • So here we go again with the questions:
            Can a man defy gravity? Do you know anyone who has?
            Can a man swim underwater for extended periods? Do you know anyone who has?
            Can a man fly through space by his own thoughts? Do you know anyone who has?
            Can a man break through a wall? Do you know anyone who has?

            These are surely impossible tasks. However much man has thought about it and wished it to be real. Answer the questions without resorting to the rhetoric of believe and it shall happen. Has not happened yet.

            The framework of the universe says that where? On whose authority? In what manifestation?

            Have the guts to answer the questions. It is really simple, all it requires is a yes or a no.

    • If you hate someone else, you'll first start hating your self – that's how a person gets a disease in his body.

      Whatever affects the mind affects the body. Mind and body are connected. Do you know the power of your mind, body and soul?

      What you experience is the direct result of your passionate thoughts, actions, feelings and beliefs.

      This is true.

      is the earthquake in Haiti because of the "passionate beliefs" of the people who experienced it? what about the tsunami? what about the person who gets hit by a car? what about the child born with birth defects? are all of them responsible for their situation because of "passionate beliefs"?

      Yes, this is true. You sow what you reap. Your Karma (action) gives you what you sow. You're free to do, think, feel and receive whatever you want to. The only hurdle is you: your beliefs and your karmas.

      • I hate no one. Therefore do not hate myself.

        By your rhetoric, most criminals should have cancer or some other chronic condition. They don't. Something is amiss with your philosophy.

        You are blaming the victims for their situation. Victims of earthquakes, and tsunamis. How can you blame a baby for having birth defects? I met a man the other day who was blind. Became so at the age of three from cancer of the eyes. Are you blaming him at the age of three????? But then, I wrote about this in my blog.

        Read the blog.

        Have you had cancer? Does a member of your family have cancer? What experience do you have with cancer patients?

        • Everyone is "responsible" for their own self.

          You mean to say god is responsible for your experiences and your actions? that is not logical but absurd.

          Everything you experience is the direct result of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, experiences and actions / karma.

          Responsibility and blame are 2 different things.

          You can make a person responsible for something which will make the person more powerful but blame is exactly the opposite. Blame is venom.

          Blame is the poison which leads to cancer.

          • Where in my comments did I make God responsible for my actions? You jump to conclusions really easily.

            And who said anything about blame?

          • Well then who is responsible for the cancer that you have?

          • No one is responsible. Why should anyone be responsible?

            Have you had cancer? Does a member of your family have cancer? What experience do you have with cancer patients?

          • Then I think I'll leave it here because you will never believe that cancer is curable and that you can be cured. Only if the doctor tells you that there are medicines available because he has studied medical books then you'll agree.

            I can see numerous ways you can heal your self to a disease free life.

            Of course meditation is a path but there is even deeper paths.

            You can control your body.

            My last take is:

            You can cure your self without taking chemotherapy.

            I wish to see you live a long completely fulfilled happiest life.

          • My conclusion that there is no cure is not based on the doctor's say so. It is based on looking at the number of people who have had cancer, how many were cured only to have a relapse, how many were cured with no relapse. In spite of all the people who are part of the patter group, more are part of the group that has relapses.

            I have also watched several people die from pancreatic cancer, for which there is no known cure of any kind. No one, to my knowledge has survived a long time with pancreatic cancer.

            No single solution applies to everything.

            Answer the question: Have you had cancer? Does a member of your family have cancer? What experience do you have with cancer patients?

          • You will never find answers in your ignorance.

            Your ignorance is what causing the pain you're experiencing.

            As much as you know won't help you until you dig deep further down. Who knows you can change a few thousand people's lives by finding the way out.

            The laws of the universe are precise and definitive.

            Read "The Secret" & "You Can HEAL Your Life". I am sure you'll thank me forever because then every moment will be a special one.

            My family members are all fit, fine, hale and hearty.

          • How incredibly presumptuous of you to accuse me of being ignorant. I would have hoped by now to have shown that I am far from ignorant where my life in concerned. I just happen to disagree with your point of view.

            I do not consider you ignorant in these matters, why inflict this on me?

            The laws of the Universe are unknown. I have not seen the rule book yet.

            I might read one of those. I will let you know when I do.

            Glad to hear about you and your family's good health. You have finally answered a question I asked of you at the very beginning of our interactions. Makes me wonder why it took so long.

    • Lets take an example: lets says you are born in a rich wealthy family and you've everything that you ever wanted. did you ask your self that why you are so fortunate to have everything in life?

      I am sure you did not do so. What ever you're receiving right now is because of the karmas in your past / present life. If a beggar does not get food to eat, it's because of his own actions and conscious/unconscious choices.

      The healing happens only when you're aware of your being – Awareness is the greatest healer. If Farokh becomes self-aware and realizes why he has a lump in his chest, the next moment he'll be in a transition to get completely cured of cancer. I want Farokh to get cured. I want Farokh to be happy. A few people who have commented below misinterpret whatever I have said and I feel they need help. If you're going to blame god, then you're blaming your self because god is within you and not outside you.

      • Wealthy does not equate with happiness. Nor is a beggar necessarily unhappy. Your values are skewed to your own belief system

        Open your mind and soul to the belief of others.

        Have you had cancer? Does a member of your family have cancer? What experience do you have with cancer patients?

        • Wealthy does not equate with happiness. Nor is a beggar necessarily unhappy. Your values are skewed to your own belief system

          This is True.

          Everyone is responsible for their being whether a child, a dog, an elephant, an ant or even a tree – all souls are equal.

          All beings are made equal. All beings have the same amount of power within themselves.

          It is your karma which decides your destiny.

          You do good karma and you reap good karma in return.

          • My debate with you is what constitutes good karma. A beggar does not necessarily have bad karma, nor does a wealthy person have necessarily good karma.

          • then why the beggar is a beggar… does not karma has any effect?

          • I do not know why a beggar is a beggar. There are many reasons. Karma is a global answer for everything that goes on in one's life, but it fails to answer why someone is whatever they are.

            Is a person who tries to raise funds a beggar? They are going after corporations begging for money. Some of my friends are fund raisers. They will surely take exception to this extrapolation.

    • Removing hatred, regrets, expectations, guilt, self-blame, hurts, anger, jealousy and negativity out of your mind, body and soul can cure a person from any disease in the world. Are you conscious of your power? do you know how powerful you are? If you did know the same, you wouldn't have argued.

      Forgiveness is the greatest healer. If Farokh starts forgiving people in his from right now with completely focus and intensity, he will overcome cancer for sure. The day he starts loving himself completely, he will succeed in overcoming any damn thing in the world.

      Turn to spirituality and realize what I am saying. Know your self.

      • Read the blog.

        I am positive.
        I do not hate anyone, least of all me.
        I know how powerful I am. I have no illusions.
        I do not blame myself.
        I have no regrets.

        There is no one out there that I should forgive for anything. No one has done anything that requires forgiving.

        I believe in God. I am a member of the Baha'i Faith. I am very spiritual in my outlook on life.

        Read the blog.

        Have you had cancer? Does a member of your family have cancer? What experience do you have with cancer patients?

    • Regarding:

      Actually you are exposing yourself as someone who hasn't done the hard work of thinking through the implications of your philosophy.

      Well.. My life is beautiful. Whatever is happening in my life is completely because of what I passionately want. I have experienced of every bit of what I'm saying. If there is anyone in this world who thinks the exact opposite of me, then I would advise that person to read the secret 3 times and implement everything what has been said in it. You will realize and experience everything what I have said. I know what I'm talking. Somehow I find people like below are talking ridiculous stuff without having the mind to understand what I have said.

      I ain't blaming Farokh. I am making him feel responsible for what has happened to him so that he realizes that the power is within him. I am telling him that he will be fine once he realizes the event that has led to cancer in his body. I want him to be cured and live a long healthy happy life. But anyway, none of you would understand what I am saying.

      • How presumptuous of you to jump to conclusions without knowing anything about the person you are writing about. Read and understand the blog.

        I am not responsible for getting cancer. No cancer patient is. You are blaming the victim and should stop doing so.

        We are in charge of our destiny within our knowledge of what our surrounding mean. Your assertion that the mind conquers all is disingenuous. What makes youthink the body could stand the pressure? Specially when the mind and body are as closely related as they are.

        No one is making ridiculous assertions. You have proven over and over again that you are not paying attention to anything I have written about on the blog. The people responding to you are knowledgeable, not just about what your writing about, but about me and my attitudes. Do you really believe that all these people have ignored me all my life and are only now appearing to help and support me? You have said that in one of your comments. This is pure absurdity. People come to your support because of life long commitments to a relationship.

        Ronak, please pay attention to what I am saying: I am happy. I do not hate anyone. I am aware of the powers within me. I am aware of the powers of the Almighty God. I do not believe in a genie, but I do believe in God. I am direct and forthright. I believe that science and religion are equal companions. As a result I will follow both directions to control the cancer.

        You have refused to answer one of my questions which I have asked you twice now. This is the third time. Have you had cancer? Does anyone in your family have cancer?

        • Farokh,

          You’re misunderstanding me.

          The fact that you’ve started a blog called is itself drawing sympathy and attention from people around the world to your blog.

          You are feeling like as if I am being insensitive to your pain. No I am not.

          I just want to see you get cured of cancer.

          You may be happy now but deep down, you know that you want to live a normal life like any other person.

          You may have hated someone in your past which is why you might have cancer. This is one possibility.

          Another could be intense guilt or loads of regrets that may have caused this.

          I am feeling bad now that we have taken this so far.

          You’re making me look bad in front of your readers that I dont understand your pain which I certainly do.

          When you are not able to realize that responsibility and blame are opposite things and not the same, you may have a breakthrough of sorts.

          Wish you goodluck!

          I tried my best to give you another ray of hope in a darkcloud that you can overcome cancer. Certainly, no doubt about that. I am certain.


          • The blog was not created to draw sympathy from anyone. I have 32 first cousins around the globe and numerous friends in all parts of the world.

            The blog was created for two reasons:
            1. To keep everyone informed as to what is going on. I did not want to go through answering the same questions over and over again.
            2. To take some of the mystery out of cancer. Everyone thinks you are dead the moment you have cancer. The goal was to inform people. Show that it is not easy but it is OK.

            Define normal life. That has been one of the great surprises. It throws the idea of what is normal upside down. No doubt that my normal is not ideal. But it is what it is. My normal is also certainly not yours. We live in different cultures and climates. So what constitutes as normal exactly?

            You are still intent on blaming me for getting cancer. I have never hated anyone to my knowledge. Stop blaming the victim. Get over it.

            I am not making you look bad in front of anyone. Take responsibility for your own actions and words. You are quick to blame me for getting cancer, for not taking charge. The tables are reversed. You are in charge of your own words.

            Again you are assuming that I am living under a dark cloud. I am not. There have been some very surprising results of my getting cancer. I would have liked those to happen without me getting cancer, but there you have it. Stop making assumptions.

            Have you had cancer? Does a member of your family have cancer? What experience do you have with cancer patients?

        • I am not responsible for getting cancer. No cancer patient is.

          Blame and responsibility are exactly opposite things and not the same.

          Do you mean to say that the universe or god is unfair to you?

          I don't think so.

          • I am not blaming anyone.

            Where did you get the idea that I think anyone or God is unfair to me?

            Have you had cancer? Does a member of your family have cancer? What experience do you have with cancer patients?

  4. …reminds me of an old Zen proverb: "Those who know, do not say. Those who say, do not know."
    painful to listen to, though it may serve it's purpose.

  5. Farokh: Thank you for providing such a good moral compass. Despite so much craziness, you show respect to others whether they deserve it or not, and deliver messages that make us all a bit smarter. Many thanks.

  6. No one is responsible. Get over your insistence that anyone is to blame for this.

    Life goes on.

    There is no cure for the type of cancer I have. Just control. It is a chronic condition. I can accept that. Why can't you?

    Have you had cancer? Does a member of your family have cancer? What experience do you have with cancer patients?

    • So that means you think you can never control your life…

      That also means that you think your life is beyond your control…

      Well I disagree.

      Your life is within your control.

      You are the master of your life.

      You can control your life.


      • I never said anything about controlling my life or not. My cancer is what it is and is being dealt with.

        Have you had cancer? Does a member of your family have cancer? What experience do you have with cancer patients?

  7. You are blaming the victims for their situation.

    Didn't you just write the comment above?

    If a child is born handicapped, does it mean that the child is a victim?

    I don't think so.

    If a person dies in a car accident, it's because he made such a choice by doing certain karma's that led to the event of the accident.

    Jaisi karni waisi bharni.

    What goes around comes around.

    • I do not understand. I do not blame victims for their situation. You are. In just about every comment you have made.

      An accident, by definition, is something that happens out of your control. Neither good nor bad karma. It is an accident. If a baby dies in a car accident, is it because of bad karma?

      Have you had cancer? Does a member of your family have cancer? What experience do you have with cancer patients?

      • No.

        That's exactly what you are not able to realize.

        If a baby dies in a car accident, is it because of bad karma?

        Yes, its because of some karma. As you sow so shall you reap.

        The universe is fair and neutral to everyone.

        The belief that we are victims in some way or the other is a concoction.

        If you believe a person is a victim, then that person is a victim only because of his own self-ignorance.

        Self-awareness leads to self-realization.

        Self-realization is the answer to end of all miseries.

        Strong men never call themselves a victim, especially a helpless victim.

        If you think you can't help your self then obviously you can't.

        If you think you can help your self, then obviously you can.

        You are the master of your own world.

        Each and everything that happens to you is because of your karma irrespective of your gender, age, experience, form of being or caste, etc.

        You sow what you reap.

        • A baby has not had the opportunity to sow.

          Interesting the part about: "The belief that we are victims in some way or the other is a concoction". How does that balance out with your persistent comments blaming the victim for their condition?

          I have said repeatedly that you cannot blame the victim. I am glad to see that you have finally seen the light.

          None of us are helpless. We may lack resources or knowledge to help ourselves, but we are not helpless. I have never said we are.

          • The baby dies because of its past karma's.

            There is a soul in a baby which may not be able to sow at that point in time but "it can definitely reap" a certain experience or accident due to it's past karma.

            Life is a full circle. Life is complete and any experience that is incomplete has to become complete, that is the law of the universe.

            As I said before, I know my stuff well. Indeed.

            Go read the two books and then lets take a bet of $1000.

            Lets see who wins.

          • Wins, loses. Such archaic terms. What would constitute a win? Or loss? Ambiguous at best.

            The law if the universe is unwritten.

            You may think you know your stuff well, but everything is subject to interpretation. We see everything through the veil of personal experiences. As such, all is tainted.

            Define good and bad? It is very hard to do.

            A baby is not saddled with the past karma of someone elses' indiscretions. That is far from just.

          • Where you are believing that I am blaming you is completely absurd and untrue.

            I am making you feel in control of what you're going through.

            I just want to tell you that you are in complete control of your destiny.

            My job is done with telling you the same.

            To walk on the path is your choice.

            I cannot interfere with or define your will. All that is your's is going to remain your's.

            May god bless everyone with health, wealth and happiness.

            I apologize if in anyway I hurt your feelings.

            I am going now because I think I have done my job.

            May you feel loved as you always wanted.


          • You have not hurt my feelings. Far from it.

            One of the issues that appears to confuse you is that people may disagree with your opinion. This is not a criticism, but we all have our way of looking at the world around us, some more consciously than others. It does not make anyone right or wrong. It does mean that you do not necessarily hold all the answers.

            I have to assume that you are following the advice in The Secret. Can you walk through a wall? Do you know anyone who has?

            The Buddhist monks meditate for years honing their skills. They cannot walk through walls.

            There is a definite limit to our capacity. We cannot fly, we are not made to fly. That is a fact of life. No amount of imagination will make us able to fly.

            I was diagnosed with cancer on August 2, had an operation on Sept 2 and started chemo 6 weeks later. There is little time in to change the way I am living according to our life philosophy. The tumours in my liver are far too large to ignore.

            You have not had cancer and are not aware of the toll the cancer cells take on your body. This is before the operation. The operation itself further upsets the system and weakens you to a degree I have not experienced before. The cancer patient is in no position at that time to make decisions that would require a total change in their life. We do make small changes, continuously. Diet, life style, sleeping and socialising. Over time, these start returning to what one may have considered normal. The time lines change. Instead of going out at 7:30, you go out at 6. Instead of staying out till 11:00, you come home around 9. These are small changes, and friends and relatives all understand and accommodate my needs.

            There is little doubt that a positive outlook on life is more beneficial. Nothing worse than a negative person in a room to drag everyone down. Positive people are far better for the spirit. But thinking that a human being can walk through a wall is a bit far fetched for my belief system.

            We also disagree on some very fundamental thoughts. My soul is mine. It did not belong to someone else before I got it. Not a used soul as it were. The result is that a baby who dies from cancer or in a car accident is not the victim of the whims of a previous soul that the baby inherited. Even if it was so, the baby is still innocent and not responsible for their condition, since they are not responsible for the soul they have inherited.

            Karma is an interesting philosophy which appears to me to be used whenever we run short of explanations. Why did that happen? Karma. Not everything has an explanation, nor should we limit ourselves by assuming that it should. Liberate your mind Ronak.

          • Well, I felt the same as you do.. thinking that men can walk through walls was so unrealistic until I realized the power of my soul.

            I really think that the word impossible is nothing but a blatant lie.. an illusion.

            This world is mysterious to people that's why most people suffer.

            If you knew the cure to cancer, wouldn't you be free?

            You would. Definitely.

            So I think it all boils down to the power of the soul.

          • Do you know anyone who has walked through a wall? I do not, nor have I heard of such a thing. Some things are impossible. Defying the laws of gravity is one of them unless we go into a specially designed room that removes the effects of gravity, or we fly into space where there is no gravity. Under normal circumstances, in the daily routine of life. gravity will keep you walking. I do not know of anyone who can defy it. The Secret even mentions it as undeniable.

            The world is mysterious which is why we have people making discoveries about it every day. No suffering there. Some people suffer, but I doubt it is because of the mysteries of life and the universe.

            Cancer is a chronic condition which can be controlled and the cancer cells neutralised. There is no cure for it.

            I am surprised at your attitude toward doctors. Both The Secret and your life philosophy of Jain believe that science and religion should coexist. The Secret goes so far as to say we should follow doctor's orders. I would appreciate you expanding on this.

          • I guess you are not aware that you are just one soul.

            Probably you don't believe in re-incarnation which I do.

            I think the soul transforms into 48,00,000 forms of creatures as per the cycle of birth and death (Jain philosophy).

            I am a Jain.

            I think you could study a bit of Jainism to know exactly where I am coming from.

            Disclaimer: Jainism is for those who understand spirituality better.

          • I do not believe in reincarnation. I believe everyone deserves their very own soul and should not be burdened by that of another.

            Baha'is believe in life after death. We equate it to a child being born. The baby grows in its small very constricted world. I matures and is delivered to this world leaving its current surroundings. In much the same way, we pass from this restrictive world to the next. We do not know where it is or how it works. Just as the baby does not know anything about this world. The next world is infinite, not restricted by time, progressing toward the ultimate goal, understanding and appearing in the presence of God.

            I have read about Jainism. It is not so much a religion as a philosophy of life. None of the founders claim to be Manifestations of God. Interesting philosophy, not sure about your disclaimer which makes it sound a bit presumptuous.

            I have told you many times that I am a Baha'i. Have you looked into it? (“ target=”_blank”> I encourage you to. The Faith was founded in 1863.

      • An accident, by definition, is something that happens out of your control. Neither good nor bad karma.

        An accident happens to you because you allow it to happen to you.

        You are responsible (not blaming) for letting it happen and only you can change your life.

        No one else can.

        God bless you.

        • You are responsible for letting it happen places the blame on the person in spite of your assertion. Some accidents are preventable, others not so. Hence the word accident.

          Have you had cancer? Does a member of your family have cancer? What experience do you have with cancer patients?

          • Whatever happens to you has been attracted by YOU.

            Read "The Secret" and you'll know.

            There is a movie on it too.

            A few friends who after reading the book have got their lives changed completely from top to bottom.

            If you know "the secret", you'll probably come to know why you've attracted cancer.

            It's not cancer but you who is most important.

            I wish you LOVE.

          • The Secret does not provide any answers or any proof for what they stand for, The book repeats the same process over and over again emphasizing the creation of wealth. There is virtually nothing about spirituality. The "law of the Universe" is unfounded and has no basis in reality. We can believe that we are all part of a cosmos which affects us in novel and unexpected ways. Law? Doubt it.

            I did not attract cancer. I will repeat that cancer cells are in your body. They are activated by various and sundry events. Stress is one of them but not THE one. No one is very sure what causes the awakening of cancer cells. The WHO asserts that fully 50% of cancers are preventable either through vaccines or through earlier checkups. My cancer would have been discovered sooner if I had a colonoscopy at the age of 50.

            Again, you are blaming the victim by asserting that we are attracting cancer, which means we could have avoided the whole thing.

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