Show up at the hospital. We have been told that this will be an all day affair and to be patient. Dev is with us. They weigh me, take vital signs, take my blood and ask all sorts of questions. Forms are filled out and consents signed.  All the forms acknowledge the light risk of something going wrong. Does anybody not sign these things? Doesn’t that make them redundant on some level?

The big question: Are you allergic to any drugs? We don’t know and tell them about our experience with the Percocet. I am labeled as opiate naive. They put down no allergies, and we will cover that as we move forward. We finally go home to get ready for the next day. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight. Be at the hospital at 6AM. Operation is at 8, don’t be late. So the irony is that I have to wake up at 5 to be put to sleep at 8.

The operation is discussed a bit. They will start with a laparoscopic surgery. If all goes well, the procedure will take about 4 hours. There is a slight chance of them having to open me up if things look a bit too complicated. They will know only when I am under.

We go home and spend the rest of the day talking. This is all so new and moving at such a fast clip. It is really hard to come to grips with any of it, and there is a lot to come to grips with.

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