Tree in yard
Tree in yard

Date: October 2008

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Some pictures are right under your nose. You just pass by the subject so many time, you start taking it for granted.

This tree is located in the front yard of my brother’s house in Atlanta. I have passed by it many times. We park under it. Walk around it. It is always there, growing majestically. I have no idea what kind of tree it is. Just a simple everyday tree in the front yard.

4 Responses to “Picture of the Week – January 22, 2010”

  1. Yes, it is a lovely majestic tree! You know, this tree reminds me of a story book I used to read my daughter. I know I still have it. In the story a little girl decides to rest under the cool shade of a willow tree on her property. As you know, the branches of willow trees hang so low that they almost touch the ground. This little girl could not be seen by anyone, as she sat under the willow tree. It was like her secret haven. She marveled while her Grandma and neighbours called her name and walked right by her dozens of times. They couldn't see her at all. She was invisible. After a while, she decided to come out because she didn't want them to worry. Imagine that!

  2. If it's the tree we park under sometimes, it's an oak. But the leaves don't look all that oakish to me… So I dunno. Right now it's beautiful in another way entirely, its bare bones against the sky. Love trees in winter!

    • you have winter?

      • They do, though not by our very exacting standards. This year was particularly cold there. I drove out of Atlanta one year during a snow storm. The snow did not last long, but the guys there are barely equipped to drive in snow.

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