Cop on a beat

Cop on a beat

Location: Toronto, Yonge and Bloor

Story: I love reflections. Janet was shopping and I was out taking pictures. What an opportunity this was. A blank canvas, with the slightest hint of reflections in the puddles of water. I took a first shot, reset the camera for a second slightly different angle. As soon as I released the shutter, this cop walk into the scene. Crap.

I developed the pictures and soon realised that this was the better shot. The cop made the picture bringin everything into focus.

The lesson os t always take your pictures to take a look at them. Then look at them again. You never know where the gems are until you have taken a step back and look at the pictures in a different light.

Camera: Mamiya C330 Professional, Double lens reflex, Medium format.

One Response to “Picture of the Week – February 19, 2010”

  1. I like it! (This photo.)

    Always loved developing and printing black and white film. One can create quite a different mood with 'burning' techniques. (This was back in my Ryerson P.I. days)

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