Our care has now been moved over to palliative care. All the rugs prescriptions are now in their hands. We met with Kelly, the nurse, and Dr. Julie Ridley, and a fine meeting it was. They made modifications to my pain medication. Had a short muffled laugh at using Tylenol for pain medication. It turns out that [...]

We ended back in emergency on Saturday afternoon suffering from severe abdominal pain. These visits are now becoming part for the new normal. It is always interesting to me how accustomed we get to life’s changes. Visiting emergency rooms has always been one of those things you try to avoid. It is now just a [...]

Who knew I would be alive to see this Halloween. Yet here I am. You might recall my distress last year at not being able to celebrate Halloween in the style we have grown accustomed to. The family was in distress and no one was in the mood to greet the kids and hand out [...]

We went to Atlanta to visit my brother and the rest of the family. My niece Khandan, and her family came up from Louisiana. My Aunt, Iran Joon and Habib, came down from Vancouver. Ruja, Dariush, Gaby and her child came up from California. Along with the rest of the nieces, Shamsi, Shayda, Devin, my [...]

Date: 2003 Location: Roatan Island, Honduras Story: Out for a walk. This beautiful woman is performing her morning constitutionals. I took two pictures of her. She is not looking at in the first. I am not sure who caught whom int he second instance. Date: 2003 Location: Roatan Island, Honduras Story: Out for a walk. [...]

A hard day - October 19, 2010

My health is deteriorating rather too fast for my own taste. The steroids keep me from running out of breath, but I still find myself breathing hard too often. I am trying to figure out how much of this psychological, and how much physical. I am leaning toward the latter though would prefer the former. Today has [...]

Photograph of an old lady sitting outside her home in Roatan Island, Honduras

Photograph of an old pier remains, while the new pier is erected. Roatan, Island, Honduras

An incredible picture of the Eiffel Tower looking up fromt he ground

Death comes in unexpected ways, some suddenly, others planned ahead. I am one of the latter. I will be gone in the next two to four moths, maybe longer, but not by much. So life goes, you are born, and eventually depart, having hopefully made a small difference in the world.

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