I have posted about this before. Everyone has offered to help is some manner. Whatever we need is the most open invitation. A drive tot he hospital? Shopping trip? Just company? A talk? A massage?

One of the pamphlets I read said it was important to find things for people to do when they offer. It could be as mundane as returning videos, for instance. Which means I have to go out and get the videos in the first place. All kidding aside, I appreciate the sentiment. I leave these decisions to Janet. I find it hard to concentrate on things, let alone come up with stuff for people to do.

I always welcome visitors. They come and we can talk. I get tired, they leave.  I go to bed. The order of operations seems right, somehow.

Once in a while, people take it upon themselves to do something for you. Brenda cooks. She basically cooks for herself, then doubles the recipe and brings some over here. Kali and David are ever attentive. They call often and have not been over in a while since they have been under the weather. That is rule number 1 of visits. Do not come if you are not feeling well. David cooks for me as well. Yum.

Fetneh visits from Montreal. I think she is trying to kill me. She brings over some (plural) Chausson aux Pommes from La Patisserie Belge. This is one of the best pastry houses anywhere. The chaussons are delectable. Giant croissants filled with apple sauce. They will be the death of me. Gotta wonder about her sometimes.

Paulee brought me a picture of Carys and a drawing. That picture was pinned on the very small cork board the hospital provides for their own notices. It is hung on the wall opposite the bed, and I am not sure who is supposed to read whatever is pinned to it. We put the picture of Carys there. It brought a smile to my lips and gave me energy every time I looked at it regardless of the time.

Which brings me to my nieces. Shamsi sent me a Philips entertainment thingy. Sort of an iPod mixed with an iTouch, but not quite either. It has great sound. She populated it with some songs she likes, some books on tape, a couple of movies, prayers and readings from the Baha’i Faith.

My dear Shamsi, I loved what you sent me. I hesitate to tell you that I removed Borat (got bored half way through), most of the books which I had already read, and some of the music to make way for other music. I blasted the music when there was no one around. These things are incredible. You cannot hear anyone coming into the room when you have them on. The device is much appreciated. And no worries about getting it until I got home, I could not have used it while in hospital anyways. Not enough energy to make heads or tails out of anything while there.

Khandan strong-armed her kids into putting together this absolutely delightful package for me. I joke, the package was very obviously heart felt.

Kaya, Aileigh, and Behkam sent me beautiful get well cards. Who knew Walmart had such charming products, a level of personalization that is truly unprecedented. And don’t get me started on the videos! I kept looking for the credits at the end to see who produced and directed this tour de force.

My grand nieces (and nephew) are amazing. The effort that went into the cards and videos was awesome. I am very proud to be related to them and look forward to seeing them all very soon. I cannot thank them enough and send them long distance hugs and kisses.

Love to all.

5 Responses to “Nieces and Grand Nieces”

  1. I love your blog, it’s a great help to everyone. About les chaussons aux pommes, dont make yourself sick just keep them for me. I promise I will enjoy them. Keep up the good work. Your blog is the high light of my day with my coffee of course

  2. …a sheep? a chicken? a duck egg? to add to the list of things on offer to you farokh from your friends far and wide…staying on “wide” you can redirect the chaussons back to quebec and feed the farmers for a change!… regarding “brain fog”…pray do tell…it’s the bane of me and you want to do classes in it?!!
    we get our daily fix of life via your blog..keep it up.
    huge hugs, squishing the bag but no matter.
    m & n

    • If we lived in a different neighbourhood, I would opt for the chicken. Hmmm, fresh eggs. As it stands, I will have to be patient until I can visit the farm.

  3. so, here’s the thing. I’m spoiled. have come to expect pretty much daily updates. ridiculous expectation since, you’re doing whatever is right for you to do, not entertain your readers. what I really mean to say is, when you don’t write here for a couple of days, I worry that you’re feeling really crappy. big blessings to you, and love,

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