I have been neglectful, as Sharon has so kindly pointed out.

Last Thursday was not a good day. As I have said many time, not sure why some days go good and others fail to impress. Devin and I went shopping at the St Lawrence Market. We were out of fruit which means I have nothing to eat. My breakfast consists of porridge and a whole bunch of fruits. It depends on what is available. Bananas, cactus pears, pears, melons, grapefruits, grapes, oranges, pomegranates. Not all in one shot of course. But I graze on this stuff all day.

We finished shopping with the purchase of one of those smoothies. I did not feel very well, and put it down to being tired. We decided to surprise Janet at her office. But first, a bite to eat is in order. We stopped at Quiznos for a sub. I had a small one and Devin bought whatever. We took our meals to Janet’s office and ate there. She decided to cut her day short and come home with us. I lay on her couch. Ate only half my sub and was not feeling good.

I have a new sleep regimen. Go to bed between 8 and 9. Take half a Lorazepam. Do a couple of Word Searches and wait for sleep to take over. I can usually tell as the eyelids start to weigh heavy and searches take longer. I usually end up turning out the lights around 10 and gratefully wait for sleep to take over. So far, it appears to work reasonably well. Every once in a while, the drug has little effect and I lay awake for longer than is reasonable. Case in point, right now.

I usually wake up between 2 and 3 to empty the colostomy bag. Nothing wakes you up faster than the 5 to 10 minutes it takes to perform that bit of thrilling business. I go down and have a snack, come back upstairs about an hour later and take the other half of the Lorazepam. The second hit is usually a lot more effective and I sleep through the rest of the night.

I find the whole drug situation a bit disquieting. There is little doubt that they are effective. I took a nausea drug this evening because I felt a bit queasy after dinner. It is taking me while to get accustomed to taking drugs whenever you feel something is amiss. I do not believe there is a risk of overdoing things, since the minimum dose works so effectively. It is still a strange feeling to be dependent on so many of these pills.

While Thursday was a disaster, Friday turned out to an amazing day. Devin, Ariela and I had lunch at the Sunset Grill where they serve an amazing crab salad. I could not finish it and we ended up taking mine home. Devin cleaned out his lumberjack breakfast.

Finally paid a visit to Wellspring where I think I will spending a fair bit of time, specially in 2010. We signed up for all sorts of things including art. Last time I took art was in school in England. There were 15 students in the art class and I had the dubious distinction f coming in 15th in the class. The teacher was very encouraging. I think I can let bygones be bygones. Enough time has lapsed for me to try my hand at this again. I will keep you posted.

I slept in quite late on Saturday morning. Shaved and showered and decided it was time to leave the sweats at home. I have been dressing in sweat pants and T-shirts since coming home from the hospital. I put on a pair of jeans and a dress shirt on this auspicious day. Another milestone. We went to the Kinsman Robinson gallery, and came home for a cup of tea. Nancy joined us.

Took a nap. Got dressed again to go to Heather Fraser to celebrate her birthday. Janet and I went out. Could not believe it. There we were driving like we were almost grown ups and allowed out for the evening. A heady experience.

Went shopping on Sunday at Canadian Tire for light bulbs. Sounds mundane and it is, unless you have not been able to do anything close to it in a while.

A good ending to the week. Which bodes well for the next week when I will need all my strength for the second chemo dose.

Can’t wait. Love the Blast.

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