Wake up on Saturday morning feeling quite well in spite of the excesses of the previous night. We decide to go to the market. Janet goes to her pilates class first.

I drive. We arrive at the market. Put in coins for an hour. Normally ample time to get all our shopping done with time to spare. We visit our usual stores, some of whom know me, but only one knows what I am going through. Murray who owns and operates the organic grocer on the top floor is delighted to see me. Cannot stop hugging me. His wife has a nasty case of Diverticulitis.

We talk for a while and finish our shopping. I insist on taking the bags to the car. Probably a mistake. The bag is just a bit too heavy. But I am too far from Janet by the time I realise that. Make it to the car and go back to buy more.

I am exhausted before the hour is over. We sit so I can enjoy one of those fruit drinks. We talk about the slowing down of everything. We can no longer rush through anything. It is a bit more pleasant to take your time, but it is strange nonetheless.

I rest when we get home. The rest of the day is uneventful. Janet made a great dinner. Nancy joined us. I went to bed around 9.

I sleep very badly.

3 Responses to “Milestone 3”

  1. So you are taking time to stop and smell the flowers….that ain’t such a bad thing. you have the time to stop and take a real look at things, like flowers.

    • Like I have a choice! It is either that or collapse on the sidewalk. More importantly though, is that Janet is also forced to slow down. So we get to sit down and talk and watch life. I guess if you really think about it, just about anyone associated with me will have to slow down and smell the flowers.

  2. That is one of the most beautiul aspects of cancer. You will always remember to slow down and smell the flowers and sometimes you will plant your own too.

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