The title is optimistic. There will be others.

Thursday is Devin’s day off. My cousin, Soheil, is here visiting to cheer me up. I decide that we should keep the car so we can drive around. And so, I drive Janet to work, along with Soheil. Then we go shopping for some food.

I have aother craving, a Subway seafood sub with all the trimmings. Soheil and Devin go out to get me the sub while I wait for the nurse. Turns out Subway does not make this any more. Something to do with health and safety. But Mr Sub has it, and they come back triumphant. Craving fulfilled.

I waited for the nurse all day. The deal is they call before coming, so you really cannot do anything until the call comes. But I got our signals crossed. A couple of weeks ago, my nurse Barbara and I had decided that she should come on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays only. She cancelled Tuesdays and Thursdays. I waited in vain.

I finally went to take a nap. Yama and Lisa came to visit. Soheil came to get me after they had been waiting for about 30 minutes. What a pleasure to see them. We had a great time, at least I thought so. Talked about this and that, including the broken transmission in Yama’s VW. He is out of warranty by 79km. They wanted to charge him $8,500 to replace the unit. Can you imagine? He bargained them down to $2,500. Two weeks later, and still no car.

I had a good day in spite of the waiting. Soheil makes me very happy. We talk a lot. He wants me to write documentaries around my pictures ( and also include videos. He loves videos and cannot understand that I do not want to have anything to do with them. So the idea of a doc comes into play which could incorporate his favourite medium. He is funny.

But the concept of writing a doc around some of my pictures has peaked my interest. I am in the process of defining the new me after all.

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