I have a 9:00AM appointment to see a Ki Energy person. All these things are so interesting. Janet insists on driving me. She is very uncomfortable leaving me alone in case something happens. It is all I can do to convince her to go to work after she drops me off.

So many people who approach the body from a very specific angle or point of view. He makes me stand on 2 scales that show my right side to be heavier than my left side. Turns out my spine is curved and I put more weight on the right side. The exercises he puts me through are very interesting. Spend an hour there. The massage he gives at the end of the session is as different from Fridays experience as it could possibly be. He barely touches the body. No pressure points, no pushing and pulling and prodding. Just gentle touches all over the body. The result is very calming and energising.

Janet is at work. I have to go to Monarch and talk with Yama about this. He should be back from his vacation. I take the subway down. I am feeling pretty good. Get to the office and am told that he has taken the day off. Bastard! I leave and go home, barely talking to anyone. The meeting will be held the next day.

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