No idea what time it was when I was ushered into the step down room. Janet tells me there were five patients in the room. The guy in the bed next to me was out of control. The nurses took turns trying to calm him down. He was being released the next day and was completely delirious. They tied him down to the bed to restrain him. He kept pulling at the restraints in a futile attempt to free himself. A nurse would always show up and tell him to stop doing that, and that he should behave himself. They wanted him to take some drugs or something and all he said was: “Give me a knife, just give me a knife!”. Obviously thought he could free himself. He refused to take any of the advice or drugs or anything the nurses offered. Spent the whole time just saying “Give me a knife”. I was half tempted to find one for him, and…

I am keenly aware of having no emotions during this time period. The drugs were still in effect, as was the confusion over time and location, and day and what they had found in me. 8 hours is a long operation.

After what seemed an eternity, I was taken out of the step down room and shown my luxury suite.

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  1. I’m leaving this comment in a random place, having just read the whole blog. Farokh you are a good writer. Your voice shines through. I am glad you’re writing this for all of us that love you (and who knows maybe some that don’t even know you). You are a treasure. You are the champion.

  2. what a way to come to.

  3. The IT Manager managed to leave a comment at Liver Prognosis, THEN looked at post dates. He also mispelled your name … I just added a “U”, and it looked nice. See the other comment if you feel like putting up with a bad speller. – John Miller.
    PS, I think that it was a good thing that you didn’t get him a knife. Just a guess.
    Thanks for doing this. It helps us as we collectively wonder what we can do to support and encourage you and Janet. It seems something like “boiling water” or pacing the waiting room … but also connects us. Blessings.

  4. Faraokh, thanks for the insight into your experiences during this scary time. Your sense of humour and attitude will truely carry you through! Lots of love for you and Janet and Dev from your old friend Laura

  5. Talk about bad spelling! Duh! Sorry Farokh!!!!

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