I apologise for this entry, but I do not seem to be able to let go of this thought. Maybe because I have not found a satisfactory solution to it. This entry can be blamed on Lelsie who engaged me in a wide ranging and rambling discussion while I was trying to sleep.

The trouble with expressions  like fighting cancer which taken root in our lingo, is that you just cannot get rid of them. They have to be replaced with something.

The opposite to fight is love. Love your cancer? That is a stretch for even the most optimistic amongst us. I wonder what physiological changes take place in our psyche when we discover we have cancer.

The obvious sentiments are, well, obvious. I wonder about the ones that take place on a more subconscious level.

Very few people I know accept compliments graciously. It is almost as if we do not like our own bodies and cannot possibly accept that somebody else might see some beauty. Surely they jest. Deluded. Must be talking about somebody else. Do we, at some level, hate ourselves that much?

I wonder what happens when you suddenly discover  you have the dreaded C. Do you hate yourself even more? I doubt anyone you speak to will confirm this. You have cancer, do you hate yourself?

And yet, I cannot help but believe that it might be there on some level. We all tend to blame ourselves for “getting” cancer. We must have done something in this life, in a past life, to someone or something to deserve this.

I wonder if part of the healing process is to learn to love yourself, to learn to bask in your own glory, the pleasures you bring to life around you.

Can we replace Fight Cancer with Love Yourself?

7 Responses to “Fighting Cancer”

  1. …from hate to love is a pretty big leap… maybe forgiveness is a good start toward that end though. Forgive yourself.
    Just a thought.

    You are certainly surrounded by love.

    That has to count for something.


    • Acceptance, forgiveness, all part of the journey.

      Ultimately, you have to end up loving yourself, I think.

    • So far the path looks something like this:
      1. Awareness
      2. Acceptance
      3. Forgiveness
      4. Love of yourself

      It makes for an interesting journey.

  2. it can’t hurt to at least try to replace the hate with love… love triumphs in all other situations right?

  3. I love this thinking, feeling, reaching, Farokh. you start out apologizing for not being able to let go of the notion of fighting… sounds like the urge to find more love for the self is calling in a very compelling way. thank you for these thoughts. you are reminding me, again, (so many reminders needed. how is it that our most important awarenesses recede so quickly?) and I move into the day with a pronounced softening towards myself. so many blessings to you Farokh. may we all keep dipping and dousing in the waters of forgiveness and love.

    • You have such a way with words. And all those hands holding me came through yesterday, and they must still be there today.

      Thank yu for yur support and such amazingly kind words.

  4. I would choose the word “acceptance”…….its easier to fathom. I think there is truth to the saying that “what we resist, persists”. The more we fight something and not accept it, the more of it we seem to attract.

    Big Hug, my friend!


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