Went to see Dr. Kennedy today. She was delighted to be the first to give the results of the CT-Scan as well as CEA blood test numbers. The CT-Scan results are outlined below. As you can see, a huge drop in the size of the tumours.

Janet and I were both a bit overwhelmed by the information and under-reacted, to say the least. Went out for lunch to celebrate. And cried. And hugged. And cried some more.

I have come to the conclusion that it is the crying that expels the cancer cells.

The CEA blood count is also down rather dramatically, from 1266. on November 18, to 392.9 on December 16. All pointing to a move in the right direction.

That is all I can write for now.

All sizes in cm 16-Nov-09 11-Jan-10 %
Liver 21.10 14.80 29.86%
Segment 7 8.20 6.20 24.39%
Segment 8 6.70 4.70 29.85%
Segment 3 2.40 1.40 41.67%
Segment 5/8 3.80 2.50 34.21%
Lung 1.60 1.00 37.50%
Right Lung Base 1 0.80 0.40 50.00%
Right Lung Base 2 0.80 0.60 25.00%

13 Responses to “Euphoria”

  1. I've been checking all afternoon… hoping you'd post something about the results.
    That's great news!! Keep crying! :)

  2. fantastic news Farokh. keep crying, keep crying. what better cleanse is there?

  3. Fantastic. Power of positive thinking, tears, art therapy, humor, love, and maybe a few other things. So happy for your good news Farokh!!!

  4. awesome news! That's Karma :)

  5. Euphoria indeed! This is such wonderful, wonderful news – I'm celebrating for/with you too. Now I'm going to check out that picture of last week… love and a great big hug, Di

  6. Mais c'est fantastique ces résultats! Bravo!! Lots of love, Sophie

  7. was out with philip this afternoon and he mentioned how overwhelmed

    he was by the results as I am. Hurray for crying and positive thinking' . all I can say is wow and we are delighted

  8. Well, it's time to leave the sidelines and get in the game… We've been following your messages since the beginning and cheering for your strength throughout this ordeal. You're blessed to have so many friends who care so much and express so well the emotions that we all share on behalf of you, Janet & Devin. Since others communicated their thoughts so well, we've avoided mucking up the message with our 2 cents. That's over dammit… "Euphoria" was just too good a post to read without responding to it. Even we had to join the celebration line. If crying is what it takes, we're ready to wail.

  9. Shrinkage?!! Best news yet Farokh!

  10. You've been such a trouper Farokh! You just seemed to beam yesterday when I saw you after class. Kudos my friend. Don't forget to do your 'homework'…….(from the same person who never does hers…..lol.)

  11. I struggled with computer and the lines for a few days. Now that I finally managed to get to your site, I got the wonderful news. It is overwhelming and it is great. I will let all the family know in this part of the world. I know how delighted they will be.
    Big big hugs and kisses to you, Janet and Devin

  12. Farokh that is just awesome, awesome news. All that best to you, Janet and Dev. Take care – Brian

  13. hi farokh: i'm saddened that you have to go through this, however, i was glad to hear about this blog. this is helping family & friends, near & far, stay close to you, janet, & dev. you are an inspiration to us all, especially with your candidness. thank you for letting us in. big hugs, shenny

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