The night before chemo, and the emotions are running amok. Not much to be done but try to keep them in check and move forward.

I have decided to give up on the sleep problem. I will sleep whenever the urge hits. That is all there is to do. No guilt, and no attempt to sleep when society says I should sleep. I will read, play solitaire, the old fashioned way with real cards, snack, or whatever when I am awake. Sleep will come in due course.

Like now for instance.

5 Responses to “Emotions are raw”

  1. Hope you rested well. Solitaire the old fashion way! Good luck, no cheating and remeber to always discard 3 cards. Good Luck with chemo

  2. Go man Go. You can do it. You will do it. I’m on your side.

  3. big blessings to you for this round. remember how many people are holding you.

  4. can i suggest, to add to that list, memorize poetry. if you fall asleep, no problem, if not, you will have lodged beautiful words and images in your brain. shakespeares sonnets, rilke’s duino elegies, rumi, so much to choose from. love, gita

    • I say prayers. Write to the blog. Listen to some relaxation tapes. Going to wellspring tomorrow for a meditation and relaxation training. See how that works out.

      Shakespeare, huh? I will have to find those books and dust them off.

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