It was bound to happen this way.

We met with the oncologist, the ever lovable Dr David Hedley. The results are not in. It takes apparently 5 radiologists to come up with the results. They consult and deliberate to make sure the results are accurate. Love them for it.

We should have the results by Monday coming and will report accordingly.

I went to give blood this morning. All is good. The nurses in the blood clinic were delighted to see me. This is very bizarre. I have great admiration for the nurses. They have a difficult job. We are all sick and tired and in a foul mood. Some are depressed, others whatever. The nurses have to smile and keep us going, their own problems set aside.

One of my nurses has a three year old who had a cold last week. She is doingbetter this week, and has decided to share her cold with her mother.

The other nurse is getting married this May She is all stressed out by the planning. She has two children.

Talking to people helps calm nerves and reveals so much about them. They have issues and burdens. We should take a bit of time to talk to them to relieve some of the tension.

I love these women to bits.

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  1. well, happy belated International Women's Day! You have always liked talking to women, from what I can tell – one of your many lovable qualities… talk to you soon, xoxox Di

  2. Hi Farokh – I thought I'd check in on you and I just read your "Cogs" entry. Fascinating – and engagingly (if ther is such a word) written. We're keeping our fingers crossed for good results from your scan.

    Nick & Sally

  3. Your imagination can heal anything… even cancer…

    I can bet you that there exists a soul which is more powerful than anyone in the world… its a universal soul and I want you to realize what you believe (be & live), it happens to become ( BE – COME) the truth for you.

    It's regrets that has caused cancer and it's removing hatred from your mind and body can release the cancer back.

    I STRONGLY disagree with anyone who says that cancer is not curable.

    If you've the will, anything and everything is possible.

    Read The Secret by Rhonda Bryne.

    Just making sure my comments are ready by you as some sort of a blessing from god himself.

    Change your imagination, change your life. Realize what you've imagined from birth to now and you'll realize what you've wanting in your life so deeply. Love is the greatest power in the universe.

  4. I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

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