A number of you have been asking about the results following the original post. I received the results the other day and have not called the oncologist yet. He is not so much a numbers man, as a wellness doctor. As long as you seem to be doing well, he is happy. I seem to be doing well.

The numbers are on the positive side. All down or neutral. Not down by as much as the last scan, but down is a good thing.

I have to call him to get some clarifications. I had tumours on my pelvic bone, my lungs, and both sides of the liver. The results show the liver tumours to have gotten smaller. These are the ones that concern the oncologist the most.

He almost ignores the others. As long as the liver is responding, the others must be too.

I will call him.

Chemo starts anew next Thursday. Yay!

3 Responses to “CT-Scan Results – Continued”

  1. anyone who knows you knows you are a responsive liver! great news Farokh. yay!

  2. yay….nay….back, lol

  3. This is great news, my friend, Farokh. Hurray!!!

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