I have received comments on this blog, personal comments, and comments through eMail about my post in which I talked about crying.

Let me clarify my thoughts. I have never viewed crying as a weakness. I cry with the best of them. The issue is that we, cancer patients, seem to cry a lot. I have written about this before. I have come to the conclusion that we cry because we are not feeling well. The weakness is not in the act of crying. but that the tears reflect the weakness of the moment.

We do not feel sorry for ourselves, or feel mistreated by the Gods, just that we do not have the strength to feel good and therefore cry. It is a sign of our health, and a good one at that. There are times that I feel that I am doing OK. Someone hugs me and tears fill my eyes. A sure indication that things are not going as well as I thought they were.

I hope this clarifies things a bit, and does not add to the confusion.

As always, thanks for the comments, keep them coming regardless of the venue.

5 Responses to “Crying – A Clarification”

  1. I get it. from personal experience I know that feeling poorly physically, chronically, is wearing, and creates a particular form of vulnerability and openness. you're in my prayers, and am sending love.

  2. wish i could do something. that acupuncturist sounds like a prime jerk. i wonder how he has gotten to this stage of his life and not learned anything.

  3. Not sure if you know this already Farokh jan but every post of your blog is being read by our children in South Africa; with three month old twins on their hands they make the time to read every inspiring word you have out here.
    They love your openness and honesty…
    This has to say something, don't you think?!!
    They send you much love and are holding you tight in their prayers… over the buzz of live vuvuzelas!

  4. Allah'u'-Abha Farokh jon, it was so nice to see you in Montreal.
    alreay miss you.

  5. Time for a "I had a great time in Montreal with my amazing family and friends" post, dear Farokh!! It was lovely spending a little time with you and Janet and your entire Quebec fan base :-)
    Toronto has to be anticlimactic, say so!
    Love 'n hugs from the duo, plus mama.

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