I am getting a lot of offers to take these off my hands. So many people willing to sacrifice themselves to save me. It is enough to make you look forĀ ulteriorĀ motives.

I have a request to make of Fetneh. Next time you come over, no Chaussons. We have to avoid a war. Instead, how about one of your delicious delectable and very rare Banana Cream Pies? There are no substitutes. Those who still wish to throw themselves in front of the cholesterol train should make plans to be here. This is not a pie that travels well.

I doubt any part of it will make anywhere near the front door.

5 Responses to “Chaussons aux Pommes”

  1. which train or airplane is Fetneh coming on? I will gladly go pick her up..
    Oh by the way I love cholesterols. Bring them on….I also love to read your blog.

    • She flies in on Porter at the Island airport. But I am not giving you any more information. You will just steal what is rightfully mine, all mine!

      Glad you are enjoying the blog. Thanks for posting comments. It is proving to be an interesting exercise.

  2. very very sneaky! a new way to eat more fruit? strange way of encouraging me to visit!!! but seriously will bake as many many many as you (and everyone else) can eat next time I visit! xoxo to all

  3. dear f…we can totally bypass the middle man with them cream pies and chaussons..head straight south!
    love you :-)

    • I don’t think the middle man would be too happy, either at being bypassed or being called a middle man. The last thing you want to do is annoy the baker. She might curdle the cream or something. Just can’t be trusted.

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