Diarrhea: Came and left. None since Friday morning

Nausea: Brief appearance on Thursday evening. Went to bed without dinner. Woke up Friday morning feeling ravenous. Breakfast on Friday morning included: cactus pear, fig, banana, grapes, porridge, apple. I could have eaten a lot more but decided to stop.

Temperature: Brief temperature of 37.7 on Thursday night. 38.0 requires a visit to the hospital. All we have to do is show up and tell them we are a chemo patient. Temperature back to normal by Friday evening.

Blood: You have to watch for blood in urine and poo. The latter turns black. None has shown up.

Discharges: One of the effects of diarrhea pills is that it stops the process by creating much the opposite effect. Last night took care of the opposite effect.

Sleep: Lorazepam works for the most part. I had to take 2 half pills last night. The second half saw me through morning.

Pain: None. The shoulder pains have disappeared with no residuals reminding me of what had been there.

Mouth sores: None. Brush regularly. Gargle and rinse with baking soda after every meal.

I think that pretty much sums up everything that goes on in the body.

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  1. So glad you’re getting sleep at last. What’s worse than staring at the ceiling for hours in the wee hours? I’m waiting to see miss Lily’s plans firm up today to know when I am free—would love to see that gallery with you. Hope you’re enjoying a beautiful Fall morning.

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