Go to work at Monarch. Yama wants me to go in and hang out a bit. Do a bit of work, Ron wants to have lunch but he has to go to a meeting first. I should know better but agree and hang out for another 45 minutes or so. He is, of course, nowhere to be seen. I send him a pin and go home.

Waited around too long again. Make my way back to the car. Shit, left the keys at the office. Make my way back and get the keys. I concentrate a fair bit on the walk. Get home and lie down. Should have left the car there and come home.

Arlin is coming over at 4:00 for a smoke.

Nothing much happens until Arlin shows up. We have a smoke and a chat. It is very calming and relaxing. He is a good friend.

Janet keeps writing to see how I am. We decide to go to the movies since I am feeling so excellent. We go to see Julie & Julia. Dev joins us. A fun movie. Good choice. Go home. Quick small bite. Bed time.

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