Starts the same as any other day. Breakfast, coffee, lots of water, eat small bits all day. Things seem to be going well. Paulee comes over with Carys. Have not seen them in ages. Nancy also comes over for a visit. She has been in Montreal for a wedding. Paulee has a lot of questions, which is fine. I will talk to just about anyone, specially if they contribute other than OMG!.

I play with Carys. I use that term very loosely. We sit at the pond and count the fish. I have to get some fish food for the next time she is over. She loves to feed them and wanted to drop some leaves into the already murky pond.

I finally go back to the deck and sit in my chair to keep an eye on her. That is about all I dare do. Not sure if I have the energy to do more, or if I am just scared to over-exert myself. She is very entertaining. Janet and Paulee come out separately to make sure I am OK playing with her. We are doing just fine.

Leslie comes out and I go inside. I finally go upstairs to lie down around 5. I have a headache, a very slight one, and am trying to figure out where it is coming from. Everything has a deeper meaning now, or claims to. I hear Carys coming up the stairs and Paulee is attempting to stop her. He is sleeping she says. Carys yells back: No he is NOT! And runs to my side making sure I knew she was there. Before I can move, she tries to open my eyes. Ouch! She wants me to see her new dress. So cute. She parades it for me, then goes downstairs. I am not doing well and go to the bedroom to lie down.

Take my temperature: 37.8. Janet comes up about 10 minutes later. Paulee and Smaulee have left. I heard Smaulee yelling a healthy goodbye for my benefit. I tell Janet about my temperature and she wants us to go to hospital right away. We make a deal, if it reaches 38, we go. I take my temperature. Shit. We go to emergency at TGH.

The place is almost empty. The triage nurses (there are two of them) are not very friendly. We seem to be in their way. They take my temperature, and I do not have one. Faker. We finally get called in. Finally is a bit of an exaggeration. Not much time went by.

We are ushered into another waiting room. There are signs everywhere prohibiting the use of cell phones. I count 5 people using theirs including us. They take my temperature, my pressure, my blood. We wait. It is a civic holiday, and there are very few staff. We are finally ushered into a room. The Doctor is so nice. Very personable. Smiles a lot, very assuring. Arranges for a chest and abdomen X-Ray and we have to vacate the room. Somehow, they are short of rooms.

X-Rays are done in very short order. We go home to come back an hour later. No sense in waiting there for the hour. I am hungry.

Results are in. Same old. No surprises. Blood is fine, urine fine, chest shows lesions, spots, whatever. Go home and let the system take its course. Nothing wrong with coming in when you have a temperature, but next time wait for 38.5, and a couple of hours to make sure it does not go away. Whatever. I suddenly have energy. Maybe it is the 3 Tylenols they gave me, or the food I ate when we went home. My temperature is definitely gone. Bizarre.

We go home. I go to bed. It has been a hard day. On the bright side, this is the first sign of what should have been happening. They keep asking me if I have a temperature, I had one, albeit for a very short time. There are so many emotions mixed in all of this.

This is the first external sign that things are not good. We are expecting a phone call this week for the colonoscopy. Cannot wait. No really. It might clarify things a bit, shed some light on whatever it is. This waiting business is not good for the spirit.

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