How exciting is that? The Montreal Canadians were not supposed to even be in the playoffs, and here they are in a Game Seven against the best team in the league. Just goes to show how much passion and want play in overcoming challenges.

And so it goes with me. I have to use these people as inspiration. For inspiration is what drives us to excel, overcome trials and tribulations. We move from one day to the next, oblivious to what is around the corner. Almost as if in a daze, but not quite. Some more aware than others. We move in a dance with time, rarely challenged to rise above. Always making sure we survive to see another day.

A chronic conditions is supposed to serve as a wake up call. A call to action. Get up, do something, create a legacy, you do not have much time left. Not that we know exactly how much there is in the trough of life. The pressure is there nonetheless.

The problem is that while the pressure is there, the energy is lacking. Everyday brings a new adventure, a new discovery. We moved up the chemo day to free up the weekends. Two fewer days to recover from the previous chemo session. We figure that is why I am so tired. I cannot help but feel there’s more to it than that. Just two fewer days cannot result in this level of exhaustion. I mentioned in one of my previous posts how cheated I feel when my good days do not turn out as planned. This week is turning into one of those. I should not complain. I am getting a lot done in spite of everything. Just that I need to rest every so often, too often, to recoup some level of energy.

I watched the whole hockey game last night. That was a major feat. Not that I go to sleep early, just go to bed early to get away from the noise and hustle and bustle of life, such as it is. Last night was different. The Canadiens had lost a previous game when they had led 4-1 going into the third period. Here they were leading 3-0 and only 10 long minutes left in the game. They won, glory be. I love the playoffs. Such a do or die scenario. The level of the game rises to new heights, or lows if you happen to be the Washington Capitals.

Exhaustion be damned. Watch the whole thing and pay the price for it in the morning.

This too shall pass. Another week will come and the energy will be restored. Nothing to do with hospitals this week. Chemo next Tuesday.

We are going out of town this weekend. To a farm generously lent us by Heather and Neil Fraser. This will be the first out of town trip in 11 months. I am excited beyond description. Does not matter what happens. Exhausted or fine, just getting out of town is going to be amazing. I am planning all kinds of things to do there, including, of course, taking pictures. See where that goes.

The Frasers rent some of the farm to a local farmer who has some cows. Cows have calves. calves get eaten by coyotes. The calves are kept indoors to prevent that. Look forward to seeing the calves. Would love to get a picture of a coyote. We will see what dusk brings.

Thanks for listening.

5 Responses to “Les Canadiens Win”

  1. Good morning Farokh,

    We don't watch the hockey playoffs anymore since our sons left home. I have good memories of them when I was a child and there were only 6 teams. It's great that you are enjoying them and I know you came from Montreal and Toronto didn't make it so hopefully a Canadian team will move on.

    The country sounds like a great idea but what a shame that the calves have to stay inside. I hope that is just at night.

    This weekend taking my mother-in-law for her birthday to the Butteryfly Conservatory in Cambridge so will also be driving through the country.

    Thinking of you and hoping you have abundant energy for your weekend in the country. Cheers. Sue

  2. The game was exciting to watch, for sure, and I was happy to see the Habs win! I hope you were able to enjoy the game yourself, Farokh, and to see the whole thing.

  3. am happy to hear that you and Janet are getting away! you know what 'they' say about a change being as good as a rest. may it be so. may the air be sweet.
    may the fatigue melt away.
    love to you both. (if you changed the background colour to see if anyone notices… I do)

  4. Hi Farokh!
    I noticed the background change right away!!

    I was happy to hear you have gone away for the weekend! Yay. I was walking around on Friday and ended up walking south on Broadview and guess what place I found? Yes, The Rooster cafe. Then I went to find a phone (no cell for me) so I went to use the one at the library…..and when someone answered I couldn't distinguish between you or whoever (but eventually I got it….It was your son!)

    Oops it's dinner…I have to go now…I'll finish this later after dinner. My daughter made Pad Thai.

  5. OMG, after all this time I learn that you are a habs fan! Good thing I love ya or I would have to hate you right now. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this issue – let us never speak of it again. LOL!

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