Janet is going back to work this week while appointments are being arranged. We drive in to work, and I go to see Monarch to do some work. It is good to be out. We have made a decision that I should graze all day. Eat small bits of food, but eat all the time. I take a bowl full of blueberries and an egg to tide me through the day.

Janet cooked a whole bunch of stuff over the weekend, and bought cans of stuff. The idea is to have food on hand when needed. No cooking or preparation required. We have tabbouleh, eggs, cans of beans and so on.

It is good to be out and about. I have a bot of work to do. The office is quiet. A lot of people are away. I get my work done, but lose track of time. Forget to drink and make up for it. Strange to be in. I am using Jacquie’s office since she is away. Lisa comes in to talk about some business issues. Shawn comes in to talk about my health. Antonella wants to know when it will be her turn. I am holding court. Very funny. Shawn does not like what he hears. Just like everyone else. Imagine how I feel about what I am going through!

Finally, Antonella comes in. She is too engrossed in her own world to worry about me. It interesting to watch people’s reaction. Nothing personal here. But some people get involved, others switch topics, or talk more about themselves. Yama comes in. He has been amazing. Asks about my health every day. I am a bit surprised. Did not expect that from him. I will have to invite him over for dinner one night.

Get my work done and go home. It is 12:30 and I should have gone home an hour ago. I take the street car home. I eat my egg. I get home and have lunch. Tabbouleh. Can’t eat much of it. Finish my blueberries. Go lie down to rest. Get up about an hour later. I am feeling quite good. Surprising after what happened yesterday. Leslie calls to touch base. Uncle Len is coming over for dinner. Dev comes home, then goes out shopping. He is going to Pete’s for dinner. He picks up Janet from the office. Things are a bit hectic in the kitchen. He is preparing some foods to take to Pete’s. Janet thought she would put something together for dinner, but decides instead to go buy food from Summerhill. Dev has to leave.

Khaleh Joon calls. We talk a short while. She is in good spirits. We talk about the ā€œCā€ word. She is not as shocked as I thought she would be. I guess she has known a lot of people who have had it, including her son Habib who lost a kidney but is still going strong.

I talk with Uncle Len and Wailan. They are both in a bot of a shock. We talk a while, then have dinner. Leslie has joined us. Love these guys. Dinner is great. I have no compulsion to go lie down. They leave around 9, and I go lie down. My day is done.

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