This has been a good day, though I barely slept last night. Tossed and turned with a way over imaginative brain keeping me awake and tortured with insane thoughts. Watched TV for a bit at 2AM. As usual nothing of consequence showing. Finally went back to bed around 3AM and fell asleep. Drinking all this water does not help. Have to pee every 2 minutes. If only there was a dignified way to pee while asleep.

Woke up around 8:30. Had a chat with Janet, then went downstairs to make breakfast. I am very hungry. Did not eat enough the night before. The must have espresso, along with a delectable fruit salad. Papaya, pear, apricot, grapes, banana, yogurt, honey. I make it in a small salad bowl. There is really a lot of it. I ate too fast, which my stomach was quick to remind me.

Put the laundry in the machine, then went outside to adjust the pump we bought yesterday. I figured it would be emptying the pond, which it was. Took a few minutes to fix that, can’t have the fish dying. Took a quick shower and a shave, and got ready for the day. I am finding it important to shave. Look good, feel good?

We had brunch at the new Mildred Pierce, whatever it is called around noon with Judy and Arlin. Huevo Ranchero for me. It was huge and delicious and I managed to eat the whole thing. So proud of myself. Janet and I went for a short walk looking at furniture and reconnoitering the Liberty Village area. Went home around 2. I felt tiredness coming. The Huevo Ranchero has not made a mess of my system.

Janet is going shopping for supper food. Leslie and Devin are cooking. I make a point of reminding them that I have to eat on time. Tried to take a nap around 3, and failed. So went downstairs and watched too much television. Janet came home and started making supper. Had a conversation with my brother which I had to cut short after 20 minutes. Can’t listen for too long.

Waiting for dinner, but it is late. Always is when those two cook together. Janet gets me some pea soup to tide me over. But it is not enough. By the time the main meal comes at 7:30, I am a basket case. Emotional as hell. Cannot hold back the tears. Janet stays with me and hugs me. I eat, but I cannot go too fast. Dev comes up to see if everything is OK and cannot hold back his reaction to the way I look. I am worried about him. Worried about Janet as well. This is a lot of pressure.

Finally settle down. All these events seem to point to something. Some sort of emotional resolutions. But none appear. I am also too tired and dazed most of the time to think clearly. We are still in the process of telling everyone. Gradually making phone calls. I insist on calling some people. Janet does most of the talking. In some cases wrenching the phone from my hands. I am way too emotional.

The night ends with no further drama.

I sleep the sleep of the dead.

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