avastin, avastin
what art thou

you come in a plastic bag
invading my heart
poisoning my body
weakening my spirit

racing through my body
wrecking ball that you are
stopping blood vessels from forming
killing cancer cells

yet here we are
eight days later
reeling from your invasion
exhausted from your tentacles

sleeping or awake
not feeling like much
going through the motions
dealing with your pain

avastin, avastin
what art thou

3 Responses to “8 Days Later”

  1. avastin amongst other things
    seems to be a muse
    a poetry maker
    a distiller, and faith tester
    a big-shot strutter

    may the love
    that surrounds
    hold you

  2. the freudian slip in the second line, with sharon’s explanation, now makes perfect sense. cool!

  3. Hi Farokh!
    Judy told me about your blog; it’s amazing. Thank you for the honesty and insight. And your pictures….!!!
    Wishing you peace and love from New York City.
    Give my best to Janet, too.

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