Nothing but confusion. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Wait for Tuesday. Relax. Can’t. Very emotional. Damn Anti-biotics. I would be emotional anyways, but this makes things so much worse.

Have dinner with Judy and Arlin. Janet makes me promise to tell them. They are very supportive and concerned and all the stuff in between that goes with our deep friendship. Supper is only them and me which makes things a lot easier. A lot of speculation, specially the new found growth in the sternum. You can feel it only when I am lying down. Hard to find otherwise. I have to leave by ten, to get home before collapsing. That would not be good while driving. The new normal is beginning to take shape without me paying attention to it.

Janet comes home on July 26. More talk, more tears, more depression. More sleep. Hugs and more hugs. However you look at this, it is not good.

Monday: Work day. I go to see my client. Do my job. Go home. Have to tell Yama what is going on. No need for surprises.

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