All hell breaks loose. Ogilvy calls, and Janet is on the phone all day, both talking and mailing. She has to go to NY the next day for a week. Our vacation is cut short. We cry, pack and get ready for the hasty retreat from paradise.

It rains all day, but the place is still stunning. Jack comes over is his boat and has lunch with us. What a pleasure it always is to see him. He is so happy, and so way cool. We make tentative plans to get a tour of the lake the next day. This is before we realise that we have to leave. We have to call him to cancel. Sad.

I am feeling great. Almost back to normal. Still cannot eat a lot, but figure the stomach has shrunk. That will soon be fixed.

We are lying in bed, and Janet is poking me, having fun at being able to see my ribs since I have lost so much weight. She discovers a growth in my sternum. How long has this been there? How should I know? Not like I go poking myself very often, or ever.  So there it is. Looks like another rib is trying to attach itself. An area that should be soft is very hard, and it hurts a bit when you press on it. One more thing to mention to the good doctor.

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