Janet is very excited. The stuff she is writing is coming together with great ease. A lot better than she had expected. She has invited Ignacio and Martin for dinner. Should be a fun evening. But it means we have to go shopping. Spend the morning at the market, and the afternoon cooking. Janet does just about all of it. I clean the Bar-B-Que getting it ready for later. Still pacing myself to make sure I have enough energy for the guests.

Dinner was amazing. Martin thinks fish taste like you are eating fur. We had to discuss his choice of diet. Janet made skate which is quite delicious. She also made pork for Martin so he would not have to eat fur. A very pleasant evening. Lovely conversation and company. Great food. They have to leave a bit early since we are 1.5 hours out of Montreal. Just means I get to go to bed at 10.

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