Nice breakfast. More reading. Packing and getting ready for the 6 hour drive to Ste Agathe. Janet is an amazing navigator, and I blindly follow her directions. We had MapQuested the directions. Looks complicated as we are avoiding the highways, tracing a route through the countryside. What an amazing drive it is. The country is so beautiful. The drive very peaceful. I am not speeding which takes Janet a bit by surprise. Too many cops hiding in the bushes. We arrive in Ste Agathe at around 8PM.

A flood of memories engulf us as we approach the Elder cottage. We have not been here in about 15 years. Time seems to have stood still. It is exactly as we had remembered it. The only glaring difference is that Judy is not here to greet us. We settle in, have a bite to eat. Daryl had kindly offered us the left overs from the previous evening. It was perfect.

We ate. Read a bit, and had to go to bed. I was way too tired from the drive. Funny how I suddenly get engulfed with the tiredness. Other than that, I am feeling pretty good. Have been off the anti-biotics since the day of the CT Scan, and the body appears to making a recovery from that onslaught.

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