The CT Scan is arranged for the morning. Janet insists on coming with me. What a strange experience. You lie on a table and are passed through a doughnut that talks to you. A bit like going through the Stargate Atlantis portal, except you are lying down. Results will be out when they are. Radiologist has to read them first and pass along the results to the doctor who will be sure to call me.

Also finished and filed my counter-suit against that stupid lawyer. What a waste of time and energy. On the other, it kept me focused for a few days preparing the documents.

Spoke with Doctor Ruth. Wanted to make sure it was OK for us to go out of town for a few days as long as we were reachable. Planning on spending a few days in Ste Agathe at the Elder cottage. Doctor Ruth gave the go ahead as long as she could reach us with the results of the CT Scan.

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