I start the day very tentatively. Not sure if the runs are gone or not. Still a lot of gas but little else. Janet went downstairs a short while ago. I follow suit. Have a small breakfast. Don’t trust my body today. We are going to Kali and David’s for brunch, Nancy and Anne Sutherland are coming at 2:00PM to discuss a course they are giving at OCAD. Daryl, Ann and Frank are coming around 4.

We have to go shopping for all the stuff I need for the colonoscopy day. We end up also looking for some Chausson aux Pommes. We drive around everywhere but cannot find any. Marc who owns Jules tells me they take too long to make. He just does not have time. Janet and I decide we will Google this and make our own,

We finish our shopping. I am very concerned about the liquid diet thing. Mostly because I can neither eat or drink from midnight through to the time of the exam at 1:30. I am terrified of that. I need to eat regularly.

Kali and David are very gracious. But I have made a mistake by not eating anything since breakfast. David serves me first. We talk a lot, and they try to keep me positive. The meal is wonderful. David is an amazing cook. We sit in their living room and Dev’s name inevitably comes up. I tell them about Dev’s reaction the night when I crashed because my meal was delayed by half an hour. I start to cry. It is one thing for me to have to go through this, but why should Dev suffer? What an experience for him to have at this young age. I leave the room only to return and find that everyone is crying. So much for strength and resilience.

We come home, and I go to lie down for what is now the customary afternoon rest. I cannot sleep, but I do rest for about half an hour. I hear Nance and company come in, and eventually go downstairs to say hi and whatever. I eat something and leave them to work. I watch TV and play FreeCell. It seems that is all I do, no energy to read, which is too bad. It might come back at some point, the reading thing. Daryl shows up and I give her a report, followed by Ann and Frank who also get a report. I am getting good at reporting. Got it down pat. Ask me a question, and I have got the answer.

Everyone leaves, Supper is wonderful. Watch more TV.

This is all a lot overwhelming. I know you are supposed to be gracious about things, but the level of support and concern is amazing. I have a hard time handling the kindness and love. It also becomes interesting to watch how people behave. Ann and Frank take complete ownership of the relationship. They will call whenever they feel like it. The Clan is very supportive but call Janet mostly. Judith pins me on the berry to stay up to date. All these small idiosyncrasies that show off people’s inner character. Very telling in some way.

I have to write a note to Ruth letting her know that I love her and we have to run away together to some far off island. I know I have written about this before, but she is truly amazing. Probably go to bed around 10 to get ready for tomorrow. I am hoping the next two days provide some answers. There is little doubt that the bowel is the epicentre of the troubles, just need to know what the hell it is.

I expect I will be very emotional this week. Maybe a box of Kleenex would not be a bad idea.

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