In good spirits. I keep the car. I have a great day. Rest at noon again, but end the day in great shape. Taking things one day at a time. This makes it 2 good days in a row.

Rob comes over to smoke a cigar. We have a great conversation. We talk about the kids a lot. How incredibly sweet Sascha is. Loving, gentle, dedicated, hard worker. An angel on so many levels. Leigh is far more complex. Her upbringing has been so bizarre. Uneven to say the least. She is dysfunctional all on her own.

But I am very hurt by her. She has not called once through all this ordeal. Not once. And I am not sure why. She is scared. She is unsure. She cannot handle me being sick, bad enough her mother has cancer, again, but no it is me who might be abandoning her to live while I get to enjoy the pleasures of whatever is my destiny.

Rob and I discuss this at great length. I have to call her and have her come over to see me. Just the two of us. Does she need reassuring? A bit of confidence building. Janet comes home, changes into something more comfortable, but leaves us smelly smokers to ourselves. She cannot stand the smell of cigars. She makes dinner and Rob is invited to join us. All leftovers from the previous night. Lovely, simple and delicious. We bring Janet up to date on our discussions about Leigh. Rob takes his leave. We wash the dishes.

Watch some TV. Get a call from Private which we answer. Damn. It is TCR calling about They want to talk to me. Fine. Lets talk about this. I cancelled our high speed internet service with Rogers. They decided that they cannot talk to me and proceeded to charge us for about 9 months of service. We owe them 2. The guy gives me his name, confirms that I am Farokh and the owner of the domain. Then he asks to confirm my Postal Code for security purposes. This one really irks me. What sort of security question is that? Just go to Canada Post and get it. I refuse to confirm that and tell me to tell me what this is about. But he has a script and is hung up on this. He starts getting really mad. The madder he gets, the calmer I get. He finally hangs up threatening to call us the next morning at 7. I tell him the phones will be turned off.

Janet is very upset. I am horrified that she is upset. We are getting all these collection calls. But they are all for the same account. They have been calling us for 2 years. Don’t let them get to you. That is their plan. Chill and ignore them. They only call 6 times a day! We go to bed. She is tired. Not sleeping well. Turns out to be a combination of me and menopause.

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  1. Dear Farokh, I wish to offer you well-wishes. Thank you for writing this blog. I admire your courage and resilience. You have so many people around you who love you. I wish you strength, comfort, and a sense of peace. May today be a good day for you, and may you feel warmth and support from your family and friends. Sending you good thoughts today.

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