Another week of turmoil. We finally made it the One of Kind Show. I was exhausted for some reason, woke up in the afternoon and insisted we go. Let us not miss this opportunity. We got there, rented and electric scooter and rolled inside. The scooter was the best thing we did. I even took [...]

A few requests. First and foremost: No flowers. Let me myself really clear on this subject. My funeral will probably be a winter affair. Nothing better than a bout of freezing weather to kill a beautiful flower. Some like to bring a rose and toss it on the casket. Please don’t. Waste of a rose. [...]

Picture of the week - November 26, 2010

Date: December 2003 Location: West End, Roatan Island, Honduras Story: Took Peter to scuba dive. Roatan Island is a major scuba diving location. David and Judy accompanied me for the drive. Would you really trust this building to be safe? Stunning location.

I have not written an update in a while. I am stuck between the three thoughts at the moment, the third is the most personal and complicated of the three. Not sure when that will emerge from the dark recesses of my feeble brain.. The first has to do with the legacy we leave behind. [...]

Picture of the week - November 19, 2010

Date: December 2003 Location: Roatan Island, Honduras Story: We spent Christmas on Roatan Island in a location called Los Palmas. Daryl Aitken, the consummate organizer made sure we had enough room for all.  We experienced all kinds of weather, this being the off season. It was fun. This is the view from our balcony. The chairs forlorn [...]

I decided a number of years ago that regrets hold you back. You keep living in the I wish I had world instead of taking the future by storm. I do have two regrets though. The first is that I did not take the opportunity to become a helicopter pilot. We landed in Montreal in [...]

I wrote Andrew Neelands the other day chastising him for not visiting me over the past year. I have know Andrew for many years. He is one of the smartest geeks out there, along with Richard Smith and Marc Jairam. Our conversations range all over the place. Sometimes getting awfully complicated to me, though simple [...]

Picture of the week - November 12, 2010

Date: 2003 Location: Flower bay, Roatan Island, Honduras Story: We were on our way back from the West End and decided to take a detour into something named as beautifully as Flower bay. It was not so beautiful.  I had a couple of people with me and could not stop to take pictures of which [...]

Picture of the week - November 5, 2010

Date: 2003 Location: West End, Roatan Island, Honduras Story: This is not a great picture, just fun. I have no idea why someone would keep this kind of a boat under a dock ramp. The colours are bit under saturated. I have not bothered to attempt a fix in Photoshop or anything.

What a question to ask, the answer to which is the goal of most people. How do we separate what is important in life from the other stuff? How do we go about our daily life and not remain oblivious to what is going on around us? Paying attention to the lives of others. Achieving [...]

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