Margaret Wente wrote a charming article in the Globe & Mail on the subject of breast cancer. More to the point, on fighting, conquering and surviving cancer. I have already made my opinions known on this topic, and this article only confirms me in what I wrote.

Breast Cancer is a very physical presentation of cancer. It is vivid and devastating. Most other forms, including mine are well hidden. I got dressed in regular (as opposed to my sick) clothes on the weekend. Nobody can really tell that there is anything wrong, let alone how dire things are.

Raising money for Breast Cancer by whatever means, only increases the attention that is paid to all forms of cancer. While reading on this, it appears to me that the “cures” for want of a better word, for cancer are many and not one. The cures will apply to all sorts of cancer and will not be limited to only one. Eating fresh organic fruits and vegetables, reducing the amount of red meat that we consume, help reduce the risk of all cancers, not just one or two brands.

Thank you for a delightful article, Ms. Wente.

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