Love that word. I am probably not using it properly. It was too good to pass up.

Remember Minority Report? The movie in which people drove their cars up buildings and down the other side? People were all abuzz about the movie when it came out imagining what the future would look like. Flying cars, flying people, cars driving up buildings, the list was endless. And to a large extent, oh so wrong.

Humans can barely take two steps on the sidewalk without colliding into one another. We have far too many accidents on a daily basis. Imagine driving flying cars. Colliding 30 ft off the ground and crashing down on top of someones head, or other cars below you. Run out of gas? good luck.  I guess all cars will be equipped with parachutes that deploy much like air bags to ensure a safe landing. The idea is preposterous. That is all we need, to transfer our congestion to the air.

The same for telepathy. We have dreamed for years to have the ability to communicate telepathically. How would that work exactly? Do we have to have line of sight to communicate with one another? How do we make sure that only the recipient hears what we have to say? Would our thoughts be broadcast for all? Cacophony I say. So many people walk around these days with their ears plugged into their own music. They are shutting out the outside world. Too much noise. Telepathic communication is doomed. I refuse to think for all to hear. Bad enough I have a blog to air my thoughts on.

And so we come to a discussion about self help. The idea that our imagination can rule the world. Imagine it and it will happen. Think hard enough about it and it will happen. As Mr. Ronak Shah has espoused, you can crash through walls and move ships with your thoughts. By the way, I do not know Mr Shah. He came to this site of his own will which is what a blog is all about and has expressed his opinion.

I do believe in the power of positive thinking. Surrounding yourself with people who are more positive than negative. Positive feelings feed on other positive feelings. Negative people bring a room down almost as soon as they walk in. There is no power in being negative. To extend this and say that our imagination can rule the world is totally erroneous and fraught with issues.

There I am sitting in the living room and decide that I want to renovate my kitchen. All I have to do is think hard, concentrate, ficus, and wish it to be. Presto digito, I have a new kitchen. My wife, who is sitting beside me, also wants a new kitchen. There we sit side by side watching the kitchen rebuild itself into a gaudesque creation since we cannot agree on the outcome and our thoughts are being developed before our eyes. I have been planning our kitchen renovation for a couple of years now and keep changing my mind around a particular theme. The planning process is wonderful.

Can we, should we be able to change our surroundings based on our thoughts? I very much doubt it.

It is said that we are using only 10% of our brain power. I am not sure how we can arrive at that conclusion. At least we have a number we can aim for. I am not sure what this information reveals about us. Is this a negative? Should we be using more? What if we were using 100%, would that be optimal, or we wish for more brain power having reached our zenith? I am very unclear about this. What is the optimal amount?

So it goes with the power of positive thinking. We are never certain as to what is good for us.  The adage, careful what you wish for would never be truer. We are, as human beings, confused as to what is good or bad. What is good for us and what is not. The benefits of certain actions become clear sometimes well into the future. Other repercussions may appear to have nothing to do with the original decision or action. That 10% capacity saves us from ourselves.

I have not known anyone who can move mountains by mere thought, nor crash through walls.

The world of computers comes up with new and novel ideas, and often gets bogged down in the details. We want to be able to communicate freely with one another. It has to be secure, and so we come with encryption. The art of garbling the message at one end and deciphering it at the other. The encryption algorithms are getting more and more complicated as people keep breaking the codes making such communication untenable. At some point the overhead required to create and maintain the encryption will overwhelm the message.

It is a complicated process. Would we have to somehow come up with the same sort of technology in our own thoughts and imagination? Encrypt our wishes so that only the desired parties can read it? Will we have to devote some of our thoughts and energies to overcoming eavesdropping?

Too many holes in this concept. People should really think things through and discuss it with others before hitting the send button.

Thanks for listening.

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