The CT Scan is arranged for the morning. Janet insists on coming with me. What a strange experience. You lie on a table and are passed through a doughnut that talks to you. A bit like going through the Stargate Atlantis portal, except you are lying down. Results will be out when they are. Radiologist has to read them first and pass along the results to the doctor who will be sure to call me.

I have never had anti-biotics before and know nothing about their side effects. I know now! Oh my God! These things are horrible. They rip through your system devouring everything in sight. My stomach turns to mush, gurgling away and twisting ever so slightly to remind me that I am not well yet. Poo turns to liquid. Mood swings extraordinaire, and exhaustion, or I should say sudden exhaustion. Because, of course, I was not expecting this. Going about my day-today business, when I suddenly feel very tired and have to take a nap.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love naps. But this is not normal. This is forced, totally lacking in energy naps. Nothing good or pleasurable about it. And the naps do not seem to interfere with the night sleeps either. Seems like all I have done is sleep since this thing started.

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